GSEB Class 9 English Notice Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 9 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Notice Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Notice Writing GSEB Std 9 English Grammar

What is Notice Writing?
A notice is a publicly displayed written or printed information of something about to happen or that has happened. It is a kind of information meant for others to know and follow.

Always Remember:

  • The language of a notice should be and agenda impersonal.
  • The notice must be put in a square format. 8. Marks for thumb-tacks can be optionally
  • It must contain complete information. shown at the four corners of the notice.
  • The purpose of the notice must be made very clear.
  • Date of writing the notice should also be mentioned.
  • It should carry all necessary information (e.g., for a meeting-the time, venue, date
  • It must have a signature and the designation.

A Format of Notice Writing

You are the Secretary, Cultural Club of your school. The school is celebrating its Annual Day on February 25. Draft a notice to be put up on the noticeboard of your school informing the badge holders and house captains of the meeting you are conducting to take decisions on some important matters regarding the conduct of the programme.
GSEB Class 9 English Notice Writing 1

GSEB Class 9 English Notice Writing

Specimens of Notice Writing

Question 1.
You are the Head Boy /Girl of your school. Draft a notice requesting the students to come forward to help the Tsunami victims.

Smt. P. B. D. Joshi High School, Maninagar, Ahmedabad

April 8, 2019


This is to inform all students that our school is raising funds to help flood victims. Everyone is requested to come forward with an open heart and contribute generously towards the fund. Money should be deposited to the respective class teachers latest by 15th April 2019.
Sachin Shah
Head Boy

Question 2.
You are the Sarpanch of your village. Write a notice inviting adults to donate blood at the blood donation camp to be held at the Community Centre.

Kada Gram Panchayat, Kada, Ta. Visnagar (N.G.)

April 12, 2019


The village Kada is going to organise a blood donation camp in the Community Centre on 15th April, 10 am onwards. All the adults of the village are requested to come forward in large numbers and contribute towards this noble cause.
Mathurbhai Patel
Sarpanch, Kada Gram Panchayat

GSEB Class 9 English Notice Writing

Question 3.
You are Rahul Pancholi of Class X-A. You want to sell two of your books which are in a very good condition. Write a notice giving details about the two books.

Rajmata High School, Mansa

September 23, 2019


Two books in fairly good condition are for sale. The names of the books and their reduced prices are given below:
1. History of India: ₹ 30
2. ABC of General Science ₹ 40
Those interested should contact the undersigned.
Rahul Pancholi
Class X-A

Question 4.
B. D. Pancholi, senior English teacher, invites applications from the students of class IX for a debate to be held in Bhavnagar. March 22 is the last date for the applications to reach the undersigned. He puts up a notice on the school noticeboard regarding the same. Write the notice giving relevant information.

Rajmata High School, Mansa

February 26, 2019


Applications are invited from the students of class IX to take part in a debate competition to be held in Bhavnagar on April 14.
The topics of the competition are :
1. Youth has become Slaves of Technology and
2. Global Warming is a Reality.
Interested students should give their names to their class teachers before March 22. Students will be chosen after stringent rounds of selection at the school level. They should come prepared for any of the two topics. Criteria of selection would include clarity of thought and expression, content and voice modulation.
B. D. Pancholi
Senior English Teacher

GSEB Class 9 English Notice Writing

Question 5.
You are the sports teacher of your school. Write a notice asking the students to enroll for free yoga classes.

Arihant High School, Vadodara

April 7, 2019


Students interested in attending free yoga classes starting from April 10 every morning from 6 am to 7 am should contact the undersigned before April 9.
Alok Mishra
Sports Teacher

Question 6.
You are librarian of M. J. Library, Ahmedabad. Changes have been made in membership fees and book rental charges with effect from September 1, 2019. Draft a notice for the library’s noticeboard to provide information about these changes to the members of the library.

M. J. Library, Ahmedabad.

September 1, 2019


Our library is the oldest and the biggest in the city with a variety of books of all genres. This is to notify that we are introducing new facilities such as Internet and online booking as a result of which we have decided to increase the membership fee from ₹ 100 per month to ₹ 140 per month. Book rental charges will be ₹ 25 per book. The new rates will be applicable from September 1, 2019.
Head Librarian
M. J. Patel

GSEB Class 9 English Notice Writing

Question 7.
You are Mudra Shukla, Head Girl of Art & Creativity School. Your school is organising a dance competition. Write a notice for your school noticeboard to invite interested students.

J. J. School of Performance

October 7, 2019


This is to notify that our school is organizing a dance competition on October 15, in the school auditorium. Interested candidates are requested to give their names to their respective class teachers by 9th October. Winners will get a chance to represent our school in an inter-school competition scheduled for December. For further queries contact the undersigned.
Mudra Shukla Head Girl
J. J. School of Performance

Question 8.
You are Vaibhavi, Head girl of Gandhinagar International School. Your school is publishing its annual magazine ‘Samvad’, next month. Write a notice for your school notice- board inviting write-ups from students.

Gandhinagar International School

October 16, 2019


Our school is publishing its annual magazine, ‘Samvad’, next month. Interested students should submit their articles, stories, essays, poems, jokes, etc. to Mr Shankar, the librarian latest by 25th October. Submit your entries along with a passport size photograph and also mention your name and class on them. Composition should be original and unique. In choosing content, decision of the selection committee will be final.
Head Girl

GSEB Class 9 English Notice Writing

Question 9.
As a secretary of a residential colony, prepare a notice informing the residents of your colony to keep the volume of their music systems and TV sets low.


May 1, 2019

Please Tone Down

All the residents of our society are sincerely requested to keep the volume of their music systems and TV sets low. It has been noticed that high volume has been very disturbing to the students and the sick persons in the colony. Please take care that people are not disturbed because of the noise nuisance.
Gokuldham Society

Question 10.
You are the Secretary of the Tour Organizing Committee of your school. Draft a notice inviting students to join a trip to Gir Forest.


January 7, 2019

Let’s Watch Lions – Pride of Gujarat

Our school has planned two day-trip to Gir Forest on January 18 and 19. An adventure tour indeed! We are going for Lion-watching. We are staying there in tents in the middle of the forest for one night. We will have a campfire at night. It’s a rare opportunity. Grab it and register your names latest by January 12. Hurry up or stay back home repenting over the rare opportunity.
Rohan Mehta
Tour Organizing Committee

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