GSEB Class 9 English Diary Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 9 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Diary Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Diary Writing GSEB Std 9 English Grammar

What Is Diary Writing / Entries?
Actually, Diary Writing is a form of literature. It is a personal daily record of one’s life. Many writers have written ‘diaries’ in literature. This kind of ‘diary’, records one’s thoughts, feelings, reactions, dreams, experiences and interests. But here we don’t have to deal with any of the above-mentioned features. Here it is altogether different. Very often newspaper reporters witness certain incidents.

They are supposed to publish such reports in newspapers. But at the spot of incident or event, they do not have so much time to prepare detailed report to be published in a newspaper. Therefore, they take down some notes in their diaries to prepare final drafts for the newspaper.

Here, for the preparation of this question for the examination, you are, after all, going to prepare a report to be published in a newspaper. The notes in a reporter’s diary that you are given as clues help you to prepare final reports for the newspapers. Take care that the answer to this question will not be different in the way of expression from that of Report Writing. So see to it that personal thoughts, feelings or experiences don’t creep in.

GSEB Class 9 English Diary Writing

Specimens of Diary-Entries

Question 1.
There has been a terrorist attack in a school in Jammu. Write a diary entry based on it.
Terrorist Attack in Jammu

Oct. 20, 2019

Terrorists attacked an educational institution in Jammu, holding the students as hostages.
Terrorists stormed SPJ School, in Jammu. They entered the school disguised as parents and took over the institution which is a preprimary school having a strength of 100 students. All the students and staff were rushed into a single room and held as hostages.

They demanded the release of their leader Farid, who was in the custody of the Jammu police.
Later, a company of armed forces took the terrorists by surprise and rescued the hostages killing three of the terrorists and arresting two.

Question 2.
Write a diary entry based on a health camp held at a community centre.
Health Camp


Nov. 12, 2019

A health camp was conducted by Dr Atul Shah at the community centre, Paldi. Dr Shah emphasized that morning walk was necessary to maintain good health. Breathing fresh air during early hours of the morning was very helpful to keep one active and fresh throughout the day. The campers were advised to take normal exercise, avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

He also added that a vegetarian diet was better. Yogic exercises such as certain asanas and deep breathing kept one fit to overcome all stress and strain. The campers dispersed with vow to follow health rules and to keep away from habits which may prove harmful.

GSEB Class 9 English Diary Writing

Question 3.
Many people were affected by heavy floods in the river Tapi. Prepare a diary entry based on it.
Deluge in Tapi Renders Many Homeless Surat Sep. 15, 2019, Heavy rains in South Gujarat flooded the Tapi and rendered many homeless. The water level at the Ukai dam had crossed the danger mark – posing threat to the dam. The s authorities released water as a precautionary measure. But the water entered the city drowning houses situated on the banks of the river. Rescue units were sent to Surat. The food supply was airlifted. Safety measures could not be taken as people were not warned about the s releasing of water from the dam.

Question 4.
A meditation camp was held at Abu. Many people became beneficiaries of the camp. Write a diary entry based on it.
Meditation Camp at Abu


May 23, 2019

Meditation camp was held at Abu, at a calm and quiet place of the summer resort. The leaders stressed that it was necessary to be one with nature to attain high degree of meditation. A regular routine was followed. Meals were served at scheduled time. Various methods of meditation were emphasized. The aim of the camp was to develop fellowship and brotherhood and freedom from stress and anxiety.

GSEB Class 9 English Diary Writing

Question 5.
There was a short circuit in a farmhouse near Ahmedabad. Write a diary entry based on it.
Fire in Farmhouse Kills Four


Oct. 10, 2019

A fire broke out in a farmhouse situated on the State Highway near Mahemadabad on Saturday, destroying the house and seriously injuring seven residents. It is alleged that the fire broke out due to short circuit.

On inquiry, it was found that the farmhouse belongs to Mr Himmat Patel. The fire broke out in the storeroom which contained inflammable articles. The fire spread very fast without giving any chance to the residents to make their escape. A neighbour summoned the fire brigade.

The fire was extinguished. The seven injured were shifted to L. G. Hospital. Four succumbed to injuries. According to the statement given by the doctor on duty, the other three injured were out of danger. The police are investigating whether the cause of fire was genuine.

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