GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Solutions Class 12 English Second Language Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing Questions and Answers.

GSEB Std 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing (2nd Language)

The Birdman Of India

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

Says Salim All, “It is seldom one gets an Opportunity in life to do what one wants to do. I think the best results are those when you are doing something worthwhile which you enjoy doing without the motivation of material reward.” It was his sincerity that won him many awards and medals from all over the world including the Padma Shree and Padma Vibhushana.

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

Salim Ali was a true nature lover and his love for the wildlife is expressed in his autobiography (The Fall of a Sparrow) where he calls the wildlife a capital, an asset and says, “The interest on the capital must be used, while leaving the capital itself intact. This is how I interpret wildlife conservation and believe that future generations should enjoy the same fun with it that I had.”

The Birdman is survived (continued to live) by his books on birds that a small group of people use to enjoy birding and endeavour for the conservation of the wildlife. Dr Ali is no more but his legacy lives on.
According to Salim Ali, man does not get an opportunity as per his expectation. Man should do something worthwhile which he can enjoy without the motivation of material reward.

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

Salim Ali’s dedication won him many awards and medals from all, over the world. As his autobiography reads, for him wildlife is a capital or an asset and he wants to leave this capital intact for future generations to enjoy.

Salim Ali lives in the hearts of people through his books on birds which help to enjoy birding and guide to conserve wildlife.

Title : Aiming at Work, not at Reward
Salim Ali lives in the hearts of Bird-lovers
Think of Wildlife, Think of Birdman Salim Ali
Salim Ali’s Capital – Wildlife

Her Words, His Vision

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

One afternoon while waiting for her husband to finish a business meeting, Mansi toured (visited) an art museum. She was looking forward to a quiet view of the masterpieces.

A young couple viewing the paintings ahead of her chattered (kept talking) nonstop between themselves. She observed them a moment and found the lady only talking all the time. Mansi thought of the man and admired his patience for putting up with her constant parade of words.

Mansi gazed at (kept looking) them several times as she moved through the various rooms of art. Each time she heard the lady’s constant gush of words she moved away quickly. [Page 5]
Mansi had to wait for her husband and she visited an art museum to view the masterpieces. There ahead of her she saw a couple chattering non-stop. She observed that the lady was talking all the time. Mansi admired the patience of the man for tolerating constant gush of words from the lady.
Title: Non-stop Chattering OR Patience of Man!

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

Final Game

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

(1) “Captains !” called the referee. approached the centre of the field, and with confidence, looked in the eyes of my opponent while giving her a powerful handshake, wishing her luck. As I took my position on the field, I knew it was time for the final game to begin. took a deep breath and reassured myself that would give this game best of my abilities as if it were the last game I ever played.

“Goalie, Goalie,” called the man dressed in black and white. The two goalies simultaneously raised their right hands in air, indicating that they were ready. The game could begin. This was it. The whistle sounded, and the ball was soon kicked in my direction.

I received the ball and kicked it twenty feet toward the goal just in time for my teammate to meet it and pound (strike, hit) it right into the net. “Goal” everyone shouted. The game had started out well.

But the power of the game soon grew intenseas the opposing team came right back at us with a goal to tie the game at one to one. The game continued at the extremely competitive level throughout the first half and into the second.

The score was still tied at one to one, until received the ball with one minute to go. I needed to put the ball in the net, and I did just that, making the final score two to one. [Page 8-9]
Having been called by the referee, the writer, as a captain, went to the field. He shook hands with the rival captain with the confidence to win, yet formally wished him good luck.

The writer took her position on the field determining to put in best of her efforts. The goalkeepers being ready, the game started. The writer hit the ball coming to her directly into the net and bagged a goal.

The other team also hit one goal equaling the score. Just a minute was left to go and the writer got one more chance to hit the ball into the net again and the score was two to one.
Title : Game of Confidence OR Playing to Win OR … and here’s the Second Goal!

(2) After the surgery, I was no longer the independent person as before. I had to depend on others to assist me in even the simplest tasks. It was going to be a long tough road to recovery, and I knew I couldn’t get through it without a positive attitude.

Gradually, I could adjust to the changes in my life. I began to realize that I didn’t have to give up my old life completely and I focused my energy on a favourite pastime: writing.

I was able to produce work of art in the silence and solace (supports) of my mind and spirit. Although I was not in physical control of half of my body, I still had control of my mind.

Looking back on the situation as a whole I am glad that the final game was, in fact, my final game. I have no regrets. I said “I would give it best of my abilities and I did that and ultimately, I came out a winner.”

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

Although my accident robbed me of my physical abilities, it left me with power of mind and forced me to discover my inner self. That final game was more rewarding. Not only did we win, but I was able to discover a new level within. I guess I gained two victories that day. [Page 9-10]
After the surgery the writer had to depend on others to assist her even in the simplest tasks. Positive attitude was required to get through it.
Getting adjusted to changes in life, she turned to writing.

Even after losing her physical abilities, she did not have regrets for that being her final game. To her it was more rewarding as she could discover her inner self and she felt that she had got/two victories that day.
Title: One Game, Two Victories OR Discovery of Inner self, the Greatest Victory of All

(3) Before the final game, life was ordinary, daily routine. Each day I woke up with a mental list of tasks I had to complete before the end of the day. My life wasn’t too complicated : class, soccer (football) practice, studying and sleep. Often I returned home from soccer field after heavy practice to study until the early hours of the morning.

Having acclimatized well to my daily routine, I never imagined it would be altered. However, my life changed the day on the final game. It was the last game of the tournament; and winner would achieve ‘championship’.

My team had been under vigorous physical training for the past four years in anticipation of this day. But emotionally we were ready as well. I was ready. I entered the game with the mindset that the title was in our hands. We deserved it because our desire to win was great! [Page 8]
Before the final game, the writer’s life wasn’t too complicated. She carried on her class and soccer practice. She studied till early morning. Beyond her thinking, her life changed on the day of the final game.

Her team had been taking vigorous physical training for the past few years anticipating to participate in that ‘championship’ tournament. Emotionally also they were ready and the writer entered the game desiring to win it.
Title:‘Wishing to Win’ OR ‘Championship is Ours’

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

I Love Me

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

When I was younger, I was very shy. Whenever I even thought of speaking to new people about anything, my whole head would turn red. I’m sure people could even see me withdrawn from behind my back.

By the time I reached high school, I was so stressed out by the thought of answering questions and doing group projects that my self¬confidence problem would get in the way of my ability to study.

I was nervous and agitated about being wrong and how people would react to me. My school and work started to suffer. Because of my inferiority complex, I couldn’t go out. I was afraid of even going for shopping. I couldn’t speak to people or make decisions. I hid myself away and felt like a real loser.

That’s when my negativity made me upset. There was nothing that I didn’t over analyse and criticize. The combination of my self-criticism, low self-confidence and bad self-image was starting to destroy the life I wanted to build for myself. [Page 12]
In his young age, the writer was a withdrawn person. At school, he kept stressed in answering questions and doing group projects, which obstructed his ability to study. Feeling ‘ inferior all the while, he kept himself secluded like a real loser. Because of dominating negativity, i.e., self-criticism and low self-confidence, he stated destroying the life he wanted to build for himself.
Title: Negativity Ruins
Feel Inferior and Destroy Your Life
Inferiority-a Weapon for Self-destruction

I Miss You, Mother

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

(1) From my mother’s book:
I haven’t forgotten what it’s like to be young – all the hopes and anxieties and the sensation in everything you do is going to advance or wreck your life. No in-betweens when you are young.
My ambition was to go on a stage. My sister and I took dancing lessons and practised difficult steps. In those days, I thought I’d be a famous actress! It was all a dream of course.
Lying in the hospital, my mother had other dreams. One morning she awoke, and told me of her dream. She had seen a man fall from a roof. All that day, her thoughts were of falling.
“Don’t be afraid,” I reassured her. “Of course, I will catch you. For all those years when I was growing up, you caught me. Now it’s my turn.”
Her face relaxed under the oxygen mask. But I knew there would come a time-and soon-when I would have to let her go.
And so would she. [Page 20-21]
The note of the writer’s mother reads that young age with all its hopes, anxieties and sensation in everything can advance or destroy one’s life. The writer and her sister took dancing lessons.

The writer dreamt of being a famous actress. Lying in a hospital bed, the writer’s mother had a dream of a man falling from a roof and she started thinking all negatively.

The writer assured her that she would not let her die and her mother felt relaxed. But the writer was aware that she would have to let her go soon helplessly.
Title: Anxious Mother OR
Mom, We Love You, but Sorry cannot Catch You!

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

(2) From my notes. March 1, 1985. She is very weak and her breathing is irregular. But her spirit is still connected to the world. When I held the pot of flowers close to her, she said delightedly, “Oh’ that’s so pretty! Isn’t it wonderful how life goes on?” That next to last evening of my mother’s life, she stared out of the window into the blackness.
“What are you looking at?” I asked her.
“Nothing.” She replied.
“Well,” I said, “Look at me.”
More than anything else I wanted her last moments more than anything else. I wanted them to be spent looking at the face of someone who loved her. [Page 21]
Even if the writer’ mother’s health was deteriorating, her spirit did not seem to be fading. Seeing the flowerpot, she exclaimed delightfully that the life was going on wonderfully. The writer wished it strongly that she spent her last moments looking at the face of someone who loved her.
Title: Last Moments of Mom’s Life OR I Love You, Mom; Look at me

The Princess And The Tiger

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

There was once a king. If anyone committed a serious crime in the kingdom, the king did not condemn him to death. Instead the criminal would be taken to a large arena.

All the people would come to see the show. In the arena, there were two doors. Behind one door, there was a fierce and hungry tiger. Behind the other, there was a beautiful young girl.

The man would not know which door was which. He would have to choose one of the two doors. If he chose well, he had to marry. If he chose badly the tiger would eat him. [Page 24]
For committing a serious crime, the criminal was taken to a large arena instead of putting him to death. People would witness the punishment there. Behind one door of the arena there was a fierce hungry line and behind the other, a beautiful young girl. If the criminal chose well, he would marry the girl, but otherwise, the tiger would eat him.
Title: Punishment for Crime

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

Ananya Writes To His Parents

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

For last several years, I have been talking about my freedom. I remember the day when ” you objected to my dress and hair. That day you appeared to me like an ‘evil dictators’ (absolute rulers), who would never understand my style, my personality.

The next day, you did not allow me to go out. I was fiercely angry on you. We were on opposite sides and there seemed no ) meeting grounds. Now, when I recall this incident, also remember how you appreciated (praised) my choice when we had to buy a gift for Asmi.

I also recall how after getting angry on me for the bad report card for a few hours, both of you came into my room and explained what I should do to score more marks. I have both the types of memory but now I would prefer to remember the best. The little and big mishaps between us were just thoughtless reactions. [Page 28]
The writer remembers some bad and good incidents that took place between him and his parents. Whenever the parents objected to any of the proposals by the writer, he had a feeling of losing his freedom.

But there were certain incidents wherein the writer felt that his parents were right and with due justification, the writer realised to his heart that the little and big mishaps between them were just thoughtless reactions and he would prefer to remember the best.
Title: Remember the Best, Forget the Rest
Parents, our Never Failing Friends

The Locked Gate

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

A guru had two disciples who were in the habit of arguing with each other. Often the two accompanied the guru when he went out on a pilgrimage or went to visit his other disciples. While he walked in silence, the disciples went on exchanging words heatedly.

Each one stuck to his point of view, unwilling to see any truth in the other. One day the guru set out for the capital, The two disciples accompanied him. As usual, they argued over many issues most of which were useless.

A heavy shower detained (prevented, from leaving or doing something) them midway at a rest-house. They resumed their journey after the ains subsided. By the time they approached the town, it was past midnight.

The capital was protected by a high circular wall and the gates used to be locked at midnight by sentries (soldiers who guard the buildings) who camped atop the wall. [Page 38]
The two disciples who always accompanied their guru, often entered into heated arguments. Each one stuck to his point of view, unwilling to see any truth in the other. Once, on the way to the capital, as usual, they started arguing uselessly.  A heavy rain delayed their journey. By the time they approached the town, it was past midnight and the closed gates guarded by sentries forbade their entry to the town.
Title: Sorry, No Late Entry
Arguing Vainly

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

I Keep My Tryst With Everest

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

(1) Ang Dorjee was going to climb without oxygen. But because of this his feet would get very cold. He thus wanted to avoid long exposure at heights and a night at the Summit Camp. He had therefore to either get to the peak and back to the South Col the same day or abandon the attempt.

He was keen to start immediately and asked if I would like to go with him. Going to the top from the South Col and back in a day would be strenuous (full of activity which need lot of energy and effort) and tough and there was the risk of Ang Dorjee turning back if his feet got too cold.

I, however, had full confidence in Ang Dorjee as well as in my stamina and climbing capability. Besides no one else was ready to move at that time. [Page 44 ]
If Ang Dorjee climbed without oxygen, his feet would get cold so he wanted to avoid long exposure at heights and a night at the Summit Camp. Going to and coming back from the South Col would be strenous and tough but Bachendri’s confidence in Ang Dorjee, in her stamina and in her climbing capability could not curb her determination.
Title : Climbing with Confidence

(2) At 6:20 when Ang Dorjee and I stepped out from the South Col, it was a perfect day. There was a gentle breeze but the cold was in¬tense. I was, however, warm in my well-insulated (covered as not to allow heat to go out) climbing gear. We climbed unroped (without taking help of a rope).

Ang Dorjee set a steady pace but I had no difficulty keeping up with him. The steep (a sharp slope) frozen slopes were as hard and brittle (easily breakable) as sheets of glass. We had to use the ice-axe and I had to kick really hard to get the front teeth of the crampons (boots with spikes) to bite into the frozen surface.

I took every step very deliberately on the dangerous stretches. ‘In less than two hours, we reached the Summit Camp. Ang Dorjee looked back and asked if I was tired. I replied, “No,” to his surprise and delight.

He told me that the earlier Summit party had taken four hours to reach the Summit Camp and added that if we could keep our present pace, we would be on the Summit by 1:00 p.m. [Page 45]
Even if there was intense cold, Ang Dorjee and Bachendri decided to climb unroped. Ang Dorjee was climbing steadily while Bachendri had difficulty keeping up with him. Because of hard and brittle steep frozen slopes, she had to take great pains to bite the ice-axe into it and climb on the dangerous stretches.

Yet in less than two hours, they reached the Summit Camp tirelessly and with that pace, they would be on the Summit by 1.00 p.m.
Title : Too Hard to Climb OR Climbing-A Tough Task

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

(3) Lhatoo was following us and caught up with (succeeded in reaching) us when we rested below the South Summit. After drinking some tea, we moved on. Lhatoo had brought a nylon rope so Ang Dorjee and I roped up while Lhatoo walked in the middle, holding the rope with one hand, more for balance than security.

Lhatoo noticed that I had been climbing with oxygen at about two and a half litres per minute against the normal four for these heights. After he increased the oxygen flow on my regulator, I found even the steeper stretches (distance) comparatively easy. [Page 45]
Lhatoo caught up with them at close to the South Summit and after tea, the roped climbing started. Lhatoo observed that Bachendri was getting less flow of oxygen than required. He increased the flow on her regulator and then the climbing became comparatively easy.
Title : Climbing made Easy

(4) It was terrifying to stand erect on a knife-edge ridge, with a sheer drop on either side. I had to dig my ice-axe deep and secure myself by attaching the waist-strap to the ice-axe head.

There was some tricky climbing between the South Summit and what is popularly known as Hillary’s Step. Ang Dorjee and Lhatoo were already over it, but I was still negotiating its vertical face when Ang Dorjee gesticulated towards the top. I was thrilled.

The goal was near. With renewed vigour I was on top of step in seconds. The sun had made the snow soft and climbing was easier here than it had been earlier. [Page 45-46]
For climbing on a knife-edge ridge she had to secure herself with deep digging of the ice-axe and tightening the waist-strap. Ang Dorjee and Lhatoo had been through with the tricky climbing along Hillary’s Step.

When Bachendri looked up Ang Dorjee gesticulated towards the
top and she was thrilled. With renewed vigour she was on the top. In the sun, she found the climbing easier than earlier.
Title: Bachendri’s new Vigour

City Of Tobors

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

(1) Derf’s workshop was on the fourth floor of the city. He took a lift. A Tobor was on duty at the door. He was counting the workers.
Derf joined the queue. The Tobor went on counting in his cold voice.
One hundred and two. One hundred and three. One hundred and four. One hundred and four, stop!”
Derf looked at the front of the queue. What ! was wrong? It was a female Nem holding a bundle. The bundle was crying.
The Tobor spoke.
“You cannot take this to Work. It is forbidden (not allowed).”
The female Nem argued with him.
“But he won’t be any trouble. I can still “work hard.”
The Tobor’s voice was as cold steel. He wasn’t angry. Tobors were never angry. They didn’t seem to feel anything.
“It is forbidden,” the Tobor said again. “Babies must go to the clinic. Take it away.” [Page 49]
The Tobor was counting the workers in a cold voice. He stopped a female carrying a baby in a bundle. She was forbidden to enter. The female argued that still she could work hard. Quite insensitively he told that babies must go to the clinic and she was asked to take it away.
Title:Tobor’s Coldness OR
‘No baby at work’!

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

(2) Then, Derf’s computer made a new noise. He looked at it. It hadn’t been able to answer the last question. Derf had made a mistake. He ! should have asked, “How many rooms are needed in the city by the year 2080?” But instead, he had asked, “How?”It was a mistake.

The computer couldn’t answer a question like that. It seemed quite upset. Lights went on and off. It was trying hard to find an answer in its memory bank, but it could not. In the end, it printed out a new instruction to Derf, I don’t understand this question.

Please ask it in a different way.Derf felt very excited. He had never seen this before. A computer breakdown, yes! But computer ignorance (The state of being ignorant), no! [Page 49]
Derf made a mistake in feeding a question in the computer and the computer got stuck up. Lights went off and on and the machine was trying hard to find the answer from its memory bank, but it could not and it screened an instruction that the question should be asked in a different way. Derf had heard of computer breakdown but never about computer ignorance. He was greatly excited.
Title: Computer Ignorance ! A Bliss for Derf
Breaking Down a Computer

(3) Derf started to feed lots of silly questions into his computer. It couldn’t answer them. He fed the questions faster and faster, Why? What? Where ? How ? When ? Which ? The computer worked faster and faster. It clicked and hummed; but, it couldn’t work.

In the end, its lights went off, and it printed out its last message. Derf read it. Computer breakdown. Please repair. Derf smiled. He had won a victory. It was a small victory, but it was a beginning.

That night, Derf told his friends. Kram and Nor were really excited. They could hardly believe the news. They worked computers, too, and now they could break them. At last, they had a way to fight back. [Page 49-50]
Once getting the clue, Derf started feeding silly questions to achieve his goal of breaking down the computer. The computer clicked and hummed but couldn’t answer the questions.

At last, it screened the information about its breaking down. It was unbelievable for his friends. But finally Derf and his friends made a plan to fight back on the same track.
Title: Way to Victory OR Let’s Fight back

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

(4) The time came, though. Derf began at Once. He asked his computer silly questions. The same as yesterday. How? Where? What? Why? Which? Who ? The computer worked hard. It clicked louder and louder, but no answers came.Then Derf asked another question.

Who are the Tobors ? He tapped out. He knew the question was forbidden. His computer went mad. Lights went on and off. Then, a red light flashed. Question not allowed, it printed out. [Page 50]
Derf fed in some silly, unanswerable questions and the computer tried hard but failed to. answer them, as Derf had expected. Then Derf asked ‘who the Tobors were’? and the computer went mad to find the answer and finally printed out that that question was not allowed.
Title: Wanna (Want to) Break Down Computers? Meet Derf.

(5) They were going to The Centre. He was sure of it. Nor and Kram joined him. Keeping out of sight, they followed the Tobors. It was lucky that the Tobors were so anxious to get to The Centre. They did not look back even once. On the way, Derf and his friends got a shock. They passed a room that was full of unhappy sounds.

The sounds were like Nems crying.They went to look. The door had iron bars ( on it. Like a prison door. It was true. There were Nems inside. Both male and female. And they were crying.

Derf gasped (breathed heavily, panted). He s knew what this was. It was the Memory unit. All the Nems had cages over their heads. The cages were lit up. Their job was to take away the memory of the Nem prisoners. [Page 51]
Derf, Nor and Kram followed the Tobors to The Centre. On the way, they were shocked to find a room with the sounds like Nems crying. They saw both male and female Nems crying behind the iron bars. It was a Memory Unit in which Nems had lit up cages on their heads and the job was to take away the memory of the Nem prisoners.
Title:Poor Nem Prisoners!

(6) A Tobor came up behind Derf, ready to kill him with a touch; but, the Tobor was weak. He had lost some of his power. Because of the ) computer breakdown, he could no longer kill. Derf kicked and struggled, and made a hole in the Tobor’s silver uniform.

He couldn’t believe his eyes. The Tobor’s body was not like a Nem’s body at all.Derf put out his hand, and opened a door in the Tobor’s chest. There were wires inside, The Tobor staggered (walked unsteadily) back. It couldn’t walk. It fell to its knees and crawled ? (moved on the hands and knees).
Derf cried out to the others. It was a cry of victory.
“The Tobors are only machines! They aren’t gods at all! They are only machines! They can be broken!” [Page 52]
A Tobor tried to kill Derf with a touch but because of computer breakdown, he had lost his power and could not kill him. Derf made a hole in the Tobor’s silver unifrom and found that the Tobor’s body was not like a Nem’s body. On opening a door in the Tobor’s chest, he found only wires. The Tobor fell to its knees and crawled. They realised that the Tobors were machines and they could be broken. It was their victory.
Title -.Victory over Tobors OR
Tobors are Machines, not Gods!

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

(7) The computer’s voice was weak, and Derf had to listen very carefully to the answers. “Robots were made by men,” it said. “Robots must never kill men. Robots must …”

The voice died away. There was silence. And then, Derf understood.
“We’re not Nems,” he said to himself. “We are men. Men and women.” As time passed, the names got mixed up. It’s all clear now. Nem is men. Tobor is robot!” He stood and looked at the computer. Before the war, people had made robots to help them.

After the war, the robots took over. People became the slaves of machines. “This must never happen again,” Derf said, “We must make a new world outside this city, From now on, machines must be our slaves.” [Page 52-53]
Computer gave information in a very weak voice that Robots were made by men and they must never kill men, and then the voice died away. Derf understood that they were not Nems, they were men and women and with the passage of time, the names got mixed up.

Nem was Men and Tobor was Robot. After the war people took help of Robots and then Robots took over and people became slaves of machines. Then Derf declared that it would never happen again and machines must be their slaves.
Title : How Machines took over Men? OR Nems are Men, Tobors are Robots.

How To Kill By Kindness

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

(1) “There was a farmer, once, who was cross and surly (unfriendly) and a very disagree able man. Everyone who knew him disliked him. He was sure to make the most of whatever went wrong about him; and the poor offender always i met with severe punishment.

There was not a (boy in all the neighbourhood who did not feel uncomfortable as he passed his gate; and the poor dog that barked at his geese, or the neighbour’s rooster that crowed on his wall, was speedily visited either with the lash of his whip (blow or stroke with a whip) or the shot from his gun.

The very cat knew his footsteps, and slunk away (moved away) from him in terror. He was a complete pest, as much so to himself as to those about him. Every day brought him some fresh trouble,and found him in continual ‘hot water’ (in a difficult situation); indeed, his very life was made up of broils (full of tensions). [Page 62-63]
Owing to his cross and surly nature, everybody disliked the farmer. He used to make the most of whatever went wrong about him, and 5 the offender invariably got punished by him. The neighbouring children felt uncomfortable passing by his gate.

The dog if barked at his geese, or the rooster if crowed on his wall, surely got the whiplash or gunshot. The cat, hearing his footsteps slunk away. He invited troubles for himself every day and his life was full of problems.
Title : A Surly Farmer OR A Complete Pest

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

(2) “Well,” Farmer Green said, “if he treats me badly, I’ll very soon kill him.” This remark of Farmer Green soon got abroad, and all sorts of things were said about it. He seemed the very last man to ‘kill’ anyone, for his looks and words and actions, all told of a loving heart.

Nobody could think for a moment of his becoming a murderer. I Mr Green’s intention at length came to the ears of the ill-natured farmer, and you may be sure he was not at all pleased about it. Everything s he could do to tease, annoy and even injure.

Mr Green was done; but somehow or other the man who was to ‘kill’ this ugly-tempered farmer took it all in good part (take), and spoke as calmly, and looked as kindly as ever. [Page 63]
Mr Green took an oath to kill the ill- natured farmer on his bad treatment. But nobody, who knew Mr Green, was ready to believe it, because he was so kind at heart that he could never be a murderer.

When the ill-natured farmer heard this, he must have thought about teasing, annoying or injuring Mr Green. On the other hand, Mr Green’s behaviour did not change. He spoke as calmly and looked as kindly as ever.

Title:Two Personalities
Can a Good Man give up his Goodness ?

(3) Soon after this, the team of the ill-natured man was in the same plight (in a dangerous or difficult situation) that his neighbour’s had been in. Mr Green saw it. He ran for his oxen and chains, and set off to the bog.

He spoke kindly, offered his help, and began to render it; but what did he receive in reply? Why, a fierce look and an angry word! “I don’t want your help! Take your oxen away.”

“No,” said the other, “I must help you, for the night is coming on, and what is bad enough by day is ten times worse in the dark.” Away pulled the oxen and the men, and soon all was set straight again.

That evening the ill-natured man had a strange feeling – something which he had never felt before. And his wife gave him a strange look as he said, “Peg, Farmer Green has killed me! He said he would and he has done it.” [Page 63 – 64]
Once the ill-natured farmer’s oxen got stuck in a bog and Mr Green rushed with his oxen and chains to pull them out. The ill-natured farmer refused to accept his kind help bluntly. Since night was approaching, Mr Green anticipated worsening condition and insisted on helping him out. That evening the ill-natured farmer had the realisation that Mr Green had won over him (killed him). Title : A Bad Man was killed OR Victory of Virtue

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

(4) There is the greatest difference in the world between conquering by power, and conquering by kindness. The former is like building a dam across a stream of water.

It may stop its flow for a little while, but presently the dam will give way, and then the stream will rush on with more force and fury than ever. Conquering by power is like chaining a lion; conquering by kindness keeps the lion from doing harm, by changing his nature, and turning him into a lamb. [ Page 64]
World can be conquered by power or by kindness. If it is done by power, the impact does not last longer as a dam across a stream of water will give way someday and the result will be ruin. But a wild lion can also be tamed into a lamb if tried by kindness.
Title: Kindness wins over Power
Conquest by Kindness.

An Accident

Read the following passage and write its summary. Also suggest a suitable title to it:

(1) Kalah was a small and beautiful village with a population of only 200. We took shelter in a Sarai, a small house with a kitchen and a hall, constructed for the pilgrims (people who make a journey to holy place).

The evening was very cold with temperature around 7-8 °C degree temperature. It further dropped at night to 2-3 °C. Our cook, who had joined us from Tyori cooked food for us.

We had a welcome hot dinner followed by a sound sleep in the warmth of our sleeping bags. The morning in Kalah was beautiful. Everyone was at ease as it was an acclimatization (to become used to the conditions) halt.

It was a rich mix in the true sense of the term as there were painters, writers, photographers, ornithologists and adventure lovers.

Someone took a sketch book and a pencil and started sketching beautiful wooden houses of the village. A few of us captured beautiful views and Himalayan village life in our camera.

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

Ornithologists took their binocular and started studying the variety of birds. Our local guide, Sansar Chand, informed us about a temple at some height from the village. Bawaji and I visited the temple. [Page 67]
The trekkers took shelter in a Sarai in Kalah, a small village. The evening was very cold with 7-8 °C and still it was to go down up to 2-3 °C at night. They took hot dinner and had a sound sleep at night. The morning in Kalah was beautiful and everyone was at ease as it was an acclimatization halt.

The group there was a rich mix in the true sense of the term there as there were painters, writers, photographers, ornithologists and adventure lovers. Everyone enjoyed his own pursuit there. On getting information about a temple, the writer and Bawaji visited it.
Title : Stay at Kalah OR Acclimatisation Halt

(2) A jacket was lowered first; The boy was asked to stay still so that he does not lose his footing and fall further down. When the ropes were being joined together our team leader kept on talking to the boy and made him respond! He wanted him to keep awake because he knew that the lower oxygen levels would make him sleepy. And if he succumbed (give in, to do something against the will because of pressure or compulsion) to sleep, it would be a sleep forever.

The rope was ready with a bowline knot with a loop large enough to fit around the boy’s chest. The rope was lowered with a torch. The boy was asked to tug the rope when he was ready. Slowly and carefully, we pulled the boy out. He was immediately wrapped in a blanket and then we gave him some hot tea. He was carried back to the campsite.

The boy thanked our team leader again and again. “Without you, Sahib, he would have been in heaven by now!”, said the Gaddi to make the atmosphere light. The next morning, the sky cleared and it was time to bid adieu (to say good bye) to the Gaddi. As a parting note, the Gaddi wished us all the best and added-.“Never go against nature. She has her own rules. If you break them and try to go against nature, you are sure to get punished.” [Page 68-69]
While carrying out the efforts, the boy was being given due instructions to stand fast and to keep awake or he might lose ground. The rope with a bowline knot was lowered with a torch and the boy was asked to tug the rope carefully.

He was pulled out and after giving him hot tea, he was brought to the campsite. The boy thanked the team heartily. While parting, The Gaddi wished them all the best and suggested not to go against nature as the nature has her own rules. If they are broken, it is going against natura and one is sure to get punished. Title : Saving the Boy

them to the side when we’re thinking. Another occasion on which we might use this movement is to hold back an angry comment we don’t wish to reveal. Nevertheless, it will probably be spotted by other people and although they may not know; the comment, they will get a feeling you were not pleased. [Page 82]
In hand gestures, palms slightly up and outward is seen as open friendly. Palm down gestures are generally seen as dominant, emphasizing and possibly aggressive. But in handshaking, palm up, palm down is very important. Mouth movements can give away all sorts of clues.

GSEB Class 12 English Supplementary Reader Lapwing Summary Writing

Our pursing and twisting lips show that we are thinking or on another occasion, it suggests that we want to hold back an angry comment that we don’t want to reveal. Different types of smiles also give off corresponding feeling to its recipient. Title : Hand Gestures and Mouth Movements mean a Lot.

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