GSEB Solutions Class 6 English Sem 1 Revision

Gujarat Board GSEB Solutions Class 6 English Second Language Sem 1 Revision Textbook Exercise Questions and Answers.

GSEB Std 6 English Textbook Solutions Sem 1 Revision

GSEB Class 6 English Revision Text Book Questions and Answers

1. નીચેનું કાવ્ય વાંચો :

A Funny Town

I lived in a funny town,
Where everything was upside down.
The birds walked and the humans flew, Where the trees were totally blue.
Trees talked and laughed a lot,
They stole each other’s fruits and fought. The bear was gentle, kind and sweet,
He never ever ate raw meat.
Fishes went to school in a pool,
Where a frog as principal did rule.
The sky was green and the water flew,
And told me “In life always be true”.

GSEB Solutions Class 6 English Sem 1 Revision

ઉદાહરણ પ્રમાણે કાવ્યમાંથી શબ્દ-જોડકાં શોધો :

flew — true, town — down, flew – blue, lot — (ought, sweet – meat, pool — rule, never — ever

નીચે આપેલી ક્રિયાઓ કોણ કરે છે? કાવ્યને આધારે શોધો. તે પરથી ઉદાહરણ પ્રમાણે વાક્યો બનાવો :

Talk : The trees talked a lot.
Steal : The trees stole each other’s fruits.
Fight with : The trees fought with one another.
Go to school : Fishes went to school.
Fly : The water flew in the sky.
Walk : The birds walked.

2. કૌસમાં આપેલા વિકલ્પના યોગ્ય રૂપ વડે ખાલી જગ્યા પૂરો:

This is not a very old story. It is about two mice.
There were two mice. They were (are) cousins. Once, the town mouse went (go) to the village mouse. The village mouse lived (live) in a small hole. It collected (collect) grains, seeds and nuts from the field and offered (offer) them to his cousin. The town mouse liked (like) the food. Then, it offered (offer) some cheese and chocolates. The village mouse was very impressed (impress). The town mouse invited (invite) its cousin to the town. The village mouse joined (join) its cousin. They travelled (travel) by milk van. They reached (reach) at the town mouse’s place. It had (have) a cupboard in a house. The village mouse was impressed (impress) by the place. It saw (see) a dark chocolate in a corner. The village mouse ran (ran) to it. But the town mouse stopped (stop) it. “It is not a chocolate. It is poison.” The village mouse became (become) fearful after this. He returned (return) to his village immediately.

GSEB Solutions Class 6 English Sem 1 Revision

વાર્તાને આધારે નીચેનાં વાક્યોને યોગ્ય ક્રમમાં ગોઠવો :

[ 4 ] The village mouse went to the town.
[ 1 ] The town mouse visited its cousin.
[ 5 ] The village mouse ran to the corner for the chocolates.
[ 3 ] The town mouse offered some chocolates to its cousin.
[ 2 ] The village mouse collected food from the field.
[ 6 ] The town mouse saved his cousin from poison.
[ 7 ] The village mouse returned to the village immediately.

3. નીચેની વિગતો વાંચો. ગયા વર્ષે તમારી શાળામાં પણ આવી પ્રવૃત્તિઓ થઈ હશે, તે પ્રવૃત્તિ કઈ છે? તે કયા મહિનામાં થઈ હતી? તે પ્રવૃત્તિ અને મહિનાનું નામ લખો:

(1) All the students were on the ground All the students participated in different ? games. I participated in 100 m race. I was also in kho-kho and kabaddi team.
Sports Day

(2) We came to school at half past seven. We decorated our school. We sang the National Song and the National Anthem. My class performed a play
about freedom fighters.
Independence Day

(3) Our school welcomed the students of standard one. Taluka Development Officer (TDO) came to our school. She distributed picture story books to standard one students. She also gifted a set of story books to our school.
Praveshotsav Day

GSEB Solutions Class 6 English Sem 1 Revision

(4) We celebrated it for a week. Each day, we participated in a new activity. I participated in story telling and book review activities. My principal appreciated my reading. My class visited the town library and spent two hours there.
Vanche Gujarat

(5) Our science teacher planned activities for that day. She took help of Maths teacher and Social Science teacher. They divided the students into different groups. Each group demonstrated a Science Experiment in the assembly.
Science Fair

4. જો તમારી શાળાની ઘડિયાળનો મિનિટ કાંટો અને કલાક કાંટો અદલબદલ થઈ જાય તો? તમારું નવું સમયપત્રક કેવું બને? અહીં આપેલા ઉદાહરણ પ્રમાણે તમારું સોમવારનું સમયપત્રક લખો :

GSEB Solutions Class 6 English Sem 1 Revision 1

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