GSEB Class 8 Maths Notes Chapter 4 Practical Geometry

This GSEB Class 8 Maths Notes Chapter 4 Practical Geometry covers all the important topics and concepts as mentioned in the chapter.

Practical Geometry Class 8 GSEB Notes

→ With the help of a ruler and compass angles like 90°, 45°, 60°, 30°, 75°. 105°, 120°, 150° can be constructed. Angles like 35°, 25°, 50°, 65°, … cannot be constructed by using ruler and compass. We need protractor to construct such angles.

→ With the help of the following measurements we can construct quadrilaterals:

  • Four sides and a diagonal
  • Three sides and two diagonals
  • Four sides and an angle
  • Three sides and two included angles
  • Two adjacent sides and three angles
  • Using special properties of a square or a rhombus, etc.

→ In all cases it is convenient and helpful to draw a rough sketch of the quadrilateral and indicate data there in. This suggests the steps of construction.

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