GSEB Class 12 English Speech Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 12 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Speech Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Speech Writing GSEB Std 12 English Grammar

Each speech should be comprised of three major parts: introduction, body and conclusion.

Writing the Speech:
After you have analyzed your audience, selected the topic, collected supporting materials, and written an outline, it is time to write the speech.

The Introduction:
The introduction usually states the purpose of the speech. A good introduction serves as an attention-getter, previews the topic and main ideas, and establishes your credibility as a speaker (O’Hair, Rubenstein, & Stewart, 2007). Some good ways to grab attention include using a quotation, telling a story, posing questions, using humour, using startling facts or statistics, providing an illustration or anecdote, or referencing historical or recent events. A preview statement want to be persuaded by you. You should include some experience or knowledge that shows why you are credible on the topic.

The Body:
The body is the largest part of the speech, where you provide the audience with the major supporting materials. The main points of the speech are contained in this section. Main points should flow from the speech’s goal and thesis statement. It is advisable to limit your content to include between two and five main points, with a maximum of seven main points. Speeches with three main points are common.

GSEB Class 12 English Speech Writing

If you have too many main points, your audience will forget them. Focusing on a few points and providing effective supporting points for each makes your speech more memorable. Supporting points are the supporting materials you have collected to justify your main points. These help to substantiate your thesis.

The Conclusion:
The conclusion wraps up the presentation by providing a summary of what the audience was supposed to have learned or have been persuaded to do during the presentation. You can signal that the conclusion is approaching by using key phrases, such as “finally,” “let me close by saying,” “I’d like to stress these three points,” and “in conclusion”. Because the conclusion is the last opportunity to motivate your listeners, it should end strongly. For a persuasive speech, a strong ending would be a call to action, where you tell the audience members they should do something with the information they have learned.

Specimens of Speech

Question 1.
Bhairavi has to speak in debate supporting the motion that life in the country (a village) is preferable to life in the city. Prepare the speech in about 250 words.
Life in a Countryside
Preferable to Life in a City
Respected Chairperson, Members of faculty and dear friends!

I stand before you to support the motion that life in the countryside is preferable to life in the city. At the outset, I will like to remind the audience about the numerous advantages that the villages offer. In fact life in the country has so many advantages over life in the city that I don’t think anyone present would disagree with me. The atmosphere is peaceful and quiet and has a soothing effect.

The air is fresh and pure. Greenfields which can be seen all around are a lovely sight. In the country people are friendly and the neighbours are helpful. On the other hand, cities are full of vehicles giving out smoke and creating atmospheric pollution.

There is also air pollution from the chimneys of industries spewing off smoke. Moreover, the streets in the city are always crowded with people. Everyone is in a hurry and never finds time to relax. Village life is tension free. There is no undue hurry and excitement. The villagers may be poor in terms of income but they live a far happier life than the city dwellers. Hence I conclude that life in the countryside is preferable to life in the city. Thank you.

GSEB Class 12 English Speech Writing

Question 2.
Gaurav Avasthi an active member of citizens’ forum. He is shocked to read the news that the Government has decided to increase the prices of petroleum products with immediate effect. He wants to enlighten fellow citizens about the impact of Government decisions on common man. Draft Gaurav’s speech in about 250 words highlighting the impact of the hike in prices of petroleum products on the life of common man.
Impact of Rise in Prices of Petroleum Products
Respected Chairman and dear friends!
The decision of the Central Government to hike the prices of Petroleum products has shocked all the consumers. The salaried classes and the middle-income group are the worst affected. As a common man, I resent this harsh decision of the government. The increase is not only sudden but steep also.

The common man is already reeling under the spiralling prices. The recent hike in the cost of petroleum products will push the expenditure graph up by 30 to 40 per cent. The increase in the prices of diesel and petrol will not only increase the expenditure on one’s own vehicle but also increase the freight of goods and their initial cost will.

The essential commodities will get dearer. Fares of buses, autos and taxis will have an upward swing. Shopkeepers will enhance the prices of even those articles which are produced locally. This sympathetic rise in prices of commodities will make it difficult to live within a fixed income. This escalation will mean cutting down the necessary expenditure by curbing some needs of the family.

I urge the Finance Minister to reconsider the decision which is bound to hit hard millions of working classes and salaried people besides, creating a vicious circle of spiralling prices. It is earnestly hoped that my views, will merit some consideration at the hands of the authorities. Thank you.

Question 3.
Ankit has been asked to deliver a speech on ‘The Brain Drain Problem’. He has prepared the following notes. Write the speech in about 250 words.
The Brain drain Problem
Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends!
The problem of brain drain has assumed serious proportion in the last thirty years or so. The nation spends its hard-earned meagre resources on the education and training of its doctors, engineers, scientists, etc. But these highly talented and trained men and women of genius migrate to developed countries.

They desert the country for the lure of money, better facilities and living conditions. Some of them get opportunities for fulfilment of their ambitions and development of personality as there is full scope for it. They enjoy unlimited freedom for experiments and research and fear no resources crunch.

The parent countries become poorer by the depletion of resources as a result of migration of trained and talented persons. The migrants too feel maladjusted in the new country where they are considered second-grade citizens. Living and working in an alien culture among foreigners, they find themselves cut off from their own social modes and customs. They do suffer emotional vacuum as the memories of friends and relatives in their country haunt their minds.

India too has been facing this problem. We must take steps to ensure them better facilities, improved living conditions, freedom for experimentation and research. In addition to this, their talents must be utilised for proper work and their work must be given due recognition. These measures, if adopted seriously, can check the problem effectively. Thank you.

GSEB Class 12 English Speech Writing

Question 4.
Harshil Shah is the secretary of the Science Club. He is disturbed to read reports on the misuse of scientific gadgets by unscrupulous elements. He has prepared the following notes. Draft Harshil’s speech in about 250 words.
Misuse of Scientific Gadgets
Respected Chairperson, teachers and students!
Twentieth-century has witnessed a revolution in the field of science and technology. Every day we hear of numerous latest gadgets produced to make our life easy and comfortable.

Recently, however, some cases have come to light where criminals and unscrupulous elements have misused the gadgets of science for their selfish and nefarious ends. Committing dacoity, kidnapping or murders using stolen vehicles has become a routine. Telephone is misused by anti¬social elements.

Young Romeos misuse the telephone for eve-teasing. Rash driving, honking of horns and playing loud music are some other tricks used by them. Unscrupulous operators of cable networks screen vulgar films depicting the glorification of violence and sex.

These films directly encourage evils like smuggling, drinking and drugs. The hard-core terrorists use bombs hidden in toys to hit their targets. Remote control comes handy to them to accomplish their plan. The powerful beams of lasers are used by modern-day criminals to break the safest safe.

The remedy does not lie in banning the gadgets, but in arousing public consciousness. Police and administration must exercise effective vigilance. Law enforcement should be strict and law-breakers be given exemplary punishment. Thank you.

Question 5.
On festival days students burst fire-crackers not knowing how much pollution they cause. You are Bhavesh / Bhavika the Head boy/Head girl of your school. You wish to tell them some facts about bursting firecrackers and the other sources of pollution. Prepare a detailed speech to be delivered in the school assembly. You may use not more than 250 words.
Pollution Caused by
Respected Principal, teachers and dear friends!
Good Morning! Today I would like to talk about a subject that we all do know but scarcely pay any heed to it. On the days of festivals, most of us burst firecrackers not realizing the amount of pollution they cause. Thus we are ourselves degrading the environment.

The bursting of firecrackers increases atmospheric pollution. The suspended particulate matter like nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide are added up when a cracker is burst. The increase in atmospheric pollution gives rise to respiratory problems like asthma and bronchitis. The cases of heart attacks and strokes multiply. The noise pollution created by bursting of crackers may cause deafness as well.

We may enjoy the bright light and the sound of explosion for a few seconds, but we ignore the permanent damage caused by bursting of crackers. We ourselves inhale the extremely harmful particles as we ignite the crackers. Hence it becomes the duty of each one of us to keep our environment clean and refrain from bursting crackers. Let us put an end to this wasteful exercise of burning our hard-earned money. Thank you.

GSEB Class 12 English Speech Writing

Question 6.
You are Sumit / Sunita. You are a member of the Environment Club of your school. After visiting many places you have realized that it is the need of the hour to protect environment. You decide to create awareness among the students. Write a speech in about 250 words on ‘Environmental protection’ to be delivered in the morning assembly.
Environmental Protection
Respected Principal, teachers and friends!
Global warming has accelerated the rise of temperature on earth. The sea level is also rising and glaciers are melting away. Natural calamities are taking a toll of life on earth. Floods and scanty rainfall result in a crunch of food products, drinking water and disturb normal living conditions.

The drought in Rajasthan has led to deaths and famine. Man is himself to blame for the deterioration of ecosystem. Depleting forests, industrial pollution, toxic wastes, vehicular pollution, cutting of trees in cities, and lack of green cover are some of the contributory factors.

The entire process of environmental pollution is becoming a vicious cycle. The urgent need of the hour is to protect environment. School children have begun to create awareness by campaigning against polythene bags and recycling waste material. Let us join hands to protect our forests, grow more trees, check toxic pollutants and change our lifestyle. Thank you.

Question 7.
In order to promote reading habits in the students, your school has organised a Library Week. You are Ranjan / Reena. You have to speak in the morning assembly and inform the students about the week-long programme. You have noted the following points:
Library Week
Respected Principal, Vice-Principal, teachers and friends!
It gives me great pleasure to speak to you about the Library Week that our school has organised from 2nd to 9th September this year. This week is slightly different from the others. Here we have to shift the focus to mental attainment. The aim of celebrating this week is to inculcate reading habits among students.

GSEB Class 12 English Speech Writing

Reading, you know, makes a man perfect. So new arrivals in the reference section such as encyclopaedia and dictionaries as well as general books will be displayed. National Book Trust and Oxford University Press are putting up an exhibition. We have invited Dr Kailash Vajpayee to inaugurate the exhibition.

He will autograph the books and interact with students. Other authors like Khushwant Singh and Ruskin Bond will also pay us a visit. During the week, a quiz competition will be organised. The Reading section will have more new magazines of teenagers’ interest. I appeal to all of you to spend as much free time in the library as you can. Thank you.

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