GSEB Class 10 English E-mail Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 10 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Email Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

E-mail Writing GSEB Std 10 English Grammar

What is E-mail Writing?
E-mail is electronic mail. It is the exchange of stored communication of computers through telecommunication. These messages are in a text form. They are sent from one computer to another through telephone lines and stored in a remote computer till the receiver goes through them.

While reading an E-mail we must bear in mind that the messages sent are clear, concise and to the point. Messages sent by E-mail are cheaper and can cover a large area throughout the world. The advantage in E-mail is speed. You can send or respond to messages or send and receive entire documents in seconds.

E-mail is divided into two parts viz: address and message. With the help of an address, a message can be sent to the proper person. Formalities such as salutation and subscription can be avoided.

Write an E-mail to your friend regarding your preparation for the hoard Exam.
Subject: Preparation for the Board Examination
Specimen of E-mail as it appears on the Computer Screen:
Send an e-mail to a friend warning him that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
GSEB Class 10 English E-mail Writing

GSEB Class 10 English E-mail Writing

Question 1.
Write an E-mail to your younger brother asking him not to work very hards or tax himself too much.
Subject: Avoid overworking
My dear Pankit,
I am in receipt of your school progress report. It tells about your brilliant performance in all school subjects but zeroes in physical exercise. It is a matter of great sadness.

Dear Pankit! You have been in the hospital for over a month. You are extremely frail and weak. You are continuing your doses of medicine. You must observe – precautions. It is said that prevention is better than cure. You need not work extremely hard. You need not tax your feeble body so much as it may tell upon your health. Your fever can relapse, you can fall prey to a serious illness. You should know that nothing is more important than -life, s If one is hale and hearty, he will enjoy all the blessings of life. But if one is ill, all the charm of life ends automatically.

What is the use of being industrious and hardworking at the cost of losing one’s health? Keep yourself free from strain and tension. Do not exert too much. Improve your health, s Build your stamina. Acquire more and more physical resistance. Take moderate exercise. Eat nourishing food. Next time when we meet, I want to see you healthy and glowing.
Your loving brother,

Question 2.
Write an E-mail to your friend who is suffering from deafness and he does not! want to go for a check-up. Explain to him/her the importance and usefulness of hearing aids.
Subject: Listen to me

Dear Vedang,
I am greatly surprised having come to know that you have some problem with hearing, and more shocked to learn that you are not serious about it. I have a few words for this. First of all, without wasting a day, manage to contact an ENT specialist. Get your hearing checked. Try to know the problem and status of your loss of hearing. Follow the advice of the doctor strictly.

If you are advised to use some hearing aid, don’t ignore it. There are quite sophisticated hearing aids and devices available in the market. Don’t feel ashamed of using the fittest for you. Avoiding or postponing the thing can tell upon you in compensably. I hope you have an open mind and you will take urgent steps to tackle this problem of your prospective irreversible loss!”
Yours lovingly,

GSEB Class 10 English E-mail Writing

Question 3.
Draft an E-mail for your friend informing him that you are reaching his city by train at about 9.30 p.m. You are a newcomer to his city and he has to come to receive you at the station.
Subject: Reaching Rajkot

Dear Rahul,
As per my schedule, I am reaching Rajkot by 9.30 p.m. You know that I am coming to Rajkot for the first time and am quite unfamiliar with the modes of transport and ways. Kindly manage to receive me at the station, so that things become easier for me. I am going to spend three days in the city and you will have to help me out all through. I know that you will have to squeeze time from your busy schedule but your company in this new city will be a great favour to me. I will be waiting for you at the station as I get down. See you at the station tomorrow.
Affectionately yours,
Ankur Suchak

Question 4.
Draft an e-mail to send it to your uncle living at New Jersey, USA to remind him to bring a laptop for you which can be helpful to you for your higher studies.
Subject: Request for a laptop

Dear Uncle,
We, all the family members are very happy with the message that you are coming India next month. Kindly let us know the exact date and time so that we can come to receive you at the airport. Chachu, you know that I am in Std. X now and busy preparing for the exam next month. I am quite prepared for the exam and looking forward to higher studies. As soon as I am in Std. XI, we will have several projects to prepare and most of them will be based on unfamiliar subjects. To tackle them successfully I need a laptop.

Very often you have asked me about my demand but till now I didn’t have any specific demand, so I never mentioned it. But this time, I need a laptop with all latest devices. It will help me a lot facilitating my studies. I hope I will be favoured by all means.
Waiting eagerly for your arrival,
Yours lovingly

GSEB Class 10 English E-mail Writing

Question 5.
Write an e-mail to your friend informing! him/her about the newly fitted Water Percolation System in your society and how it saves water.
Subject: Our plan for saving water

Dear Yamini,
We have been learning a lot about saving water. We know very well how important it is to save water. There are several ways to save water, but unfortunately, even if people know these different ways, they are never so desperate in implementing or executing them.

But I am happy to let you know that in our; society a Water Percolation System has been ’ fitted recently with the co-operation of society! members. You will have a pleasant surprise to; know that the move was initiated by us – the teenagers of our society. We made a group of – 12 boys and girls and went from house to house! explaining them the importance of saving water.

They agreed willingly to do something in this regard and we proposed to make a percolation well in one idle corner of our society. We also gave them statistics what amount of water we could save by putting up this project. Two to three wise men picked up the project and ’ raised necessary fund from society members and finally, our idea got materialized.

All rainwater is drained into this well and it has solved the longstanding problem of water-logging in our society.
How happy we all are to get it done! Society members arranged a special dinner to celebrate this project. They congratulated our teenager team ‘Vaanar Sena’ for initiating it. Write to me if you have any other fantastic plan of water-saving on your mind.
Love you.

Question 6.
Draft an e-mail to the Municipal Commissioner complaining about the hygiene standards of the nearby restaurant.
To: commissioner and municipality. co. in
Subject: Complaint about poor hygiene standards of Udipi restaurant

Dear Sir,
We are living in Paldi area. There is a restaurant named Udipi Cafe adjacent to our apartments. They have a good business and we don’t have any problem against a number of people visiting the restaurant. But the restaurant owner is not keen on maintaining hygiene standards. They do have dustbins but they are never covered. The wet waste in them stinks a lot. Sometimes for two to three days, it is not carried away for disposal and the wet waste gets rotten. Because of uncovered dustbins, stray dogs and sometimes cows tumble them down to eat the stuff from.

GSEB Class 10 English E-mail Writing

It spreads around and flies have their day. The food leftover is also dumped there least caring for throwing it right into the dustbins and covering it. We, the residents in proximity, fear that such unhygienic conditions will invite deadly diseases for us. If this continues in rainy season, we will fall victims to some epidemic. Therefore, on behalf of all the residents nearby, I request you to take urgent action and resolve the deadly issue forever.
Thank you in anticipation.
Anik Mukim

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