GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 10 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Advertisement Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Advertisement Writing GSEB Std 10 English Grammar

What is Advertisements?
Advertisements are of two types – Classified Advertisements and General Display Advertisements. An advertisement is a very powerful medium. It is deliberately used to influence the minds, tastes and even motives of the masses. It is an announcement made through a popular medium that reaches the maximum number of people. Newspapers, Magazines, TV Radio and the Cinema are extensively used for advertisements. Corporates, commercial establishments, government and social institutions use them for various purposes.

Classified advertisements are very much like notices. They differ only in content. General advertisements or Display advertisements are given to attract the immediate attention of a large number of readers. The purpose may be same as that of the classified advertisements but they are printed in bold letters covering comparatively more space. Generally, such advertisements are given by the manufacturers of goods to promote the sales. Government and voluntary organizations also give such advertisements in the newspapers for general information or public awakening.

GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing

Drafting An Advertisement:

Useful Hints
Drafting, designing and laying out of commercial or business advertisements is an art.
The students will find the following hints quite useful in mastering this art:
1. Business advertisements’ main aim is the promotion of sales and business. You should draft only an advertisement that may tempt the readers to go through it. Interesting and meaningful advertisements always attract the attention of the readers.

2. Always use catchy, simple and effective language while drafting an advertisement.

3. There should be a happy blending of content and style. The main issue/issues in the advertisement should be sensibly highlighted. State facts clearly.

4. The advertisements should be brief and to the point.

5. Advertisements shouldn’t be made heavy, lengthy and dull by using long sentences. Nobody bothers to read a dull and boring advertisement.

6. To attract the eyes of the readers, we can use different types of letters for different phrases to create an added effect. We do so especially in General or Display Advertisements.

7. Always remember that in this age no one has time or patience to go through lengthy and dull. write-ups.

8. The name of the advertiser and the advertised product should be given in bold or capital letters in General or Display advertisements.

9. Students are advised to read classified advertisement columns and commercial advertisements of leading newspapers. They should learn and master the art of drafting classified and commercial advertisements.

10. The tone, mood and style of an advertisement must match with its subject matter. For example, You have to be formal in classified advertisements but you can adopt an informal and relaxed tone and style in commercial advertisements.

A Classified Advertisements

Every newspaper has a separate section for classified advertisements. The Classified Section of the newspaper is further divided into many parts or columns. The more important of these columns are:

  1. Situation Vacant
  2. Situation Wanted
  3. Placement Services
  4. Educational
  5. Accommodation Wanted
  6. To Let
  7. Property
  8. Motor Vehicle
  9. Computers
  10. Financial
  11. Sale and Purchase
  12. Liaison
  13. Travels and Tours
  14. Lost and Found
  15. Agents and Distributors
  16. Public Notices
  17. Career Guidance and Counselling
  18. Matrimonials
  19. Business Proposals
  20. Consultancy.

GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing

Salient Features of Classified Advertisements:
1. Classified Advertisements are short and to the point. They are charged at the rate of per word/line.
2. No blocks or designs are allowed in Classified Advertisements.
3. Language used is always simple, factual and formal.

Advertisements for Jobs

Question 1.
You need one salesman in your book store. Write an advertisement for a local daily.
if Wanted
Wanted a salesman for our book store on Satellite Road, Ahmedabad. Experience is essential. Apply to Post Box No. 444 TOI, Ahmedabad within seven days.

Question 2.
A reputed doctor in Ahmedabad wants to advertise for an Administrative Officer for his hospital. Draft an advertisement to be published in a local daily for him.
Wanted a qualified Administrative Officer for a hospital with fifty beds in Vastrapur. Experience preferred. Age no bar. Good remuneration for the deserving candidate. Apply within seven days to Post Box No. 501, Daily News, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.

Question 3.
Prepare an advertisement write-up with the help of the following points for the ‘Situation Wanted’ column of the Classified Section:
1. You are Std. XII passed with a second class.
2. You know typing and your speed is 60 w.p.m.
3. You are interested in the job of a data entry operator on computer.
4. You need a suitable job as an operator.
5. You are also ready to work in shifts.
6. Add your own points.
Situation Wanted
Std. XII passed with 2nd class seeks employment as data entry operator in reputed company; knows typing, speed 60 w.p.m.ready to work in shifts; minimum salary expected ₹ 3000. Contact Box No. G-712, The Indian Express, Ahmedabad.

GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing

Career Guidance and Counselling Classes

Question 1.
You are the Director of Ruby School of Acting and Modelling, 5, Shilp Annexe, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad. Write out a suitable advertisement for publication in. a newspaper. Make a special reference to the 3 Months’ Theatre / Film Acting Course that your institute is starting from 20th June.
Learn Acting and Modelling, Film/TV Career. Competent and experienced teachers. Experts from the National Film Institute, Pune invited occasionally for guidance. Roles in TV serials and films guaranteed after 3 Months’ Theatre/Film Acting Course. Classes starting from 20th June. Limited seats, Contact Director, Ruby School of Acting and Modelling, 5, Shilp Annexe, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad-15.

Question 2.
You have recently started a Yoga Centre for school children. Draft an advertisement to be published in a local daily about it, giving all relevant details.
‘Yoga Centre’
Yoga Centre for school children. Yogic exercises taught practically by experts and professionals. Separate half an hour for meditation. Classes for girls held only in the mornings from 6 am to 7 am. Classes for boys on Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 6 pm to 7 pm. Contact: Director, Yoga Centre, S. M. Road, Ambawadi? Ahmedabad – 15.

A very high-status professional and IIT educated, a 31-year-old NRI settled in London seeks alliance with an exceptionally beautiful, educated and cultured girl. Prepare a matrimonial advertisement.
A very handsome, tall and cultured 31-year-old IITian, Managing Director of a reputed firm, based in London, seeks alliance with an exceptionally beautiful, highly educated and cultured girl between 19 and 25 years of age. Height 5’3” to 5’ 7”. Caste no bar. Reply in confidence with latest colour photograph to Box No. 4378, Times of India, Ahmedabad – 380 009.

Lost and Found:
You have lost your pet dog. Using the information given below in the input, write an advertisement for the ‘Lost and Found column of a newspaper. A German Shepherd male dog – brown complexion – a cut on the left ear-strapped with a black belt.
A German Shepherd male dog missing since last Monday. Two years old, dark brown complexion with white stripes and a cut on the left ear. Strapped with a black leather belt. Anyone giving his whereabouts will be suitably rewarded. Contact: Mr Nirmal Trivedi 7, Rajyog Tenements, R. C. Technical Road, Sola, Ahmedabad.


Question 1.
You plan to sell your flat. Draft a suitable advertisement in not more than 50 words to be inserted in the classified columns of a local daily giving all necessary details of the flat. You are Neeraj / Neeraja, 27, Premchandnagar, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – 54.
Flat for Sale:
For immediate sale. MIG flat A-43E, in Naranpura, Ahmedabad. Three bedrooms, attached baths, a drawing-cum-dining room with family lounge. With ultramodern fittings and fixtures. Price around 40 to 50 lakhs. Bonafide buyers or dealers may please contact: Neeraj, 27, Premchandnagar, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad – 54.

Question 2.
You are Ashok / Ashita of Sitapur, Lucknow. You have got a foreign assignment and would be going abroad soon. You have a television set and refrigerator to sell. Draft a suitable advertisement to be published in the classified columns of ‘The Indian Express’ Ahmedabad.
For immediate sale, a brand new LG refrigerator and a Sony TV. Both bought only last year in December. Fridge 320 litres. Sony TV 24”. Both are in excellent working condition. Owner leaving abroad. Prices negotiable. Interested persons contact Balmukund Pancholi, 10, Sarvabhoomika Apts., Mukti Medan, Maninagar, Ahmedabad – 380 008.

GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing

General Advertisements Or Display Advertisements/Posters

Big corporates or industrial houses employ some leading advertising agencies like Reliance Jio, Tata Motors, TBZ, etc. They prepare big and glamorous advertisements for the publicity and promotion of their products. These advertisements are called Display Advertisements. They are displayed separately at some prominent and special pages of the newspaper. Display Advertisements are charged at the rate of per column cm. There is no limit to their size.

Question 1.
You are the sales executive of a famous tea company and you have been asked to draft an advertisement for the product.
Draft the advertisement using the information you collected for the role play. You can draw pictures or add photographs and make your advertisement colourful.
GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing 1

Question 2.
Prepare an advertisement based on the information given below:
The Khadi and Village Industries Commission proposes to advertise Khadi wear. They would like people to buy and wear Khadi for natural feel and elegant texture. The cloth also promotes good health and ensures quality. They propose to give a special discount on cotton, silk (spun), silk (reeled), woollen and poly vastra varieties of Khadi. They claim that every metre of Khadi purchased by each of you will help provide employment to many.

  • Natural Feel and Elegant Texture
  • Good Health
  • Purity and Quality

Special discount on varieties of
Cotton Silk (Spun)
Silk (Reeled)
Every metre of Khadi purchased by each of you will help provide employment to many.

GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing

Question 3.
‘Subway’ – an eatery advertises for burgers. Prepare an advertisement on their behalf.
GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing 2

Question 4.
Raj Stationers advertises for special discount announced on buying certain stationery items from them. Prepare a% advertisement on their behalf.
GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing 3

Advertisements for Services

Question 1.
A travel agency advertises to invite people to join them for visiting Goa. Draft the advertisement giving necessary details on behalf of the agency.
GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing 4

GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing

Question 2.
A Banquet. Hall advertises to offer their services for parties on different occasions. Draft an advertisement on their behalf.
GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing 5

Advertisements for Schools Functions/Activities

Question 1.
Your class is engaged in a campaign on ‘A Pollution-free Environment’. Write an advertisement for it.
A World Without O2?
“Air, air everywhere
and not a molecule to breathe”
All the rivers, seas, oceans,
lakes, ‘ponds, streams
reddened and blackened with Chemicals
“Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink”
The Earth smothered with smelly garbage,
toxic nuclear dumps, cesspools
Land, land everywhere
and not an inch for man to live on.
Save the Environment
to Save Yourself.


Question 2.
Prepare an advertisement for a charity show to be held on your college ground.
Come one! Come all!
Lots of Games Plenty of Eats
Magic Shows, Competitions
Venue: N.M.E. College Ground
Date: 16th March 2020
Time: 6 p.m. onwards
All proceeds will be donated to the Aashray Mandal for destitute children.

GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing

Question 3.
Design a poster promoting the use of jute/clothes bag and discouraging the indiscriminate use of plastic. Give a suitable title and a slogan for it.
Poster Making
Hi! Jute / Clothes Bags
Bye! Plastic Bags
Demand and use bags
made of degradable materials
Paper, Jute and Cloth are best
Forget the rest
Say huge ‘NO’ to plastic
Adopt only that is hygienic
Avoid plastic and
keep your city/village clean.
Plastic-free India, Healthy India

Question 4.
Your school has participated in a campaign ‘Say No to Plastic’. Design a poster with a title and a slogan for it.’
GSEB Class 10 English Advertisement Writing 6

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