GSEB Class 9 English Report Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 9 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Report Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Report Writing GSEB Std 9 English Grammar

1. What is a Report?
A report is an account of something that is seen, observed or done.

2. Format of a Report:
Broadly speaking a report consists of three main parts, namely: the Headline, the Dateline and the Body.

  • The Headline: The headline is the part that catches the attention of the reader. It must, therefore, be brief, but catchy and must appeal to the interest of the reader. It must not contain any articles (a, an, the). It must be in the present tense.
  • The Dateline: It must contain the city, town or village from which the report is made. It must be followed by the date (the year may be omitted).
  • The Body: It may be divided into paragraphs according to the content of the report. However, the introductory paragraph must be the expansion of the headline.

The ‘intro’, as it is generally called, must answer the questions like ‘where’, ‘when’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘with what result’. It must present the crux of the matter suggested by the headline. The remaining paragraphs are generally in order of descending importance.

3. Essentials of a Good Report:

  • Arrange the ideas and facts in chronological order.
  • Make an outline of the report.
  • Maintain logical linkage of ideas and information.
  • Avoid stereotyped or hackneyed expressions and irrelevant information.
  • Frame simple and short sentences.
  • Ensure grammatical accuracy, correct spelling and appropriate punctuation.
  • Ascertain that the report is appealing and interesting.

4. How to Write a Good Report:
Writing a good report calls for an ability of a fairly high standard since it is a detailed and comprehensive account of an event or incident. The ideas must be original and factual, relevant and adequate.
Do not include your own viewpoint, personal comments or opinions on the topic. A good report demands more than just correct English.

It requires a good and effective presentation so as to capture and sustain the interest of the reader. Pay attention to the range of vocabulary (words, phrases and idiomatic expressions) and the construction of sentences. The language must be clear, precise and concise. Make sure that your report reads well as a composite whole.
It shouldn’t be just a bundle of disjointed information.

GSEB Class 9 English Report Writing

Specimens of Report Writing

Question 1.
Write a report for your school magazine on the visit of a sports personality to your school:
Good Girls Good Sports
Ahmedabad, January 14
The Annual Sports Day of the Good Girls’ High School, on 13th January 2019, was marked
by the presence of the eminent tennis player Sania Mirza who was the Chief Guest for the occasion. The tennis ace has won many laurels for the country at international events. She felicitated the victors and athletes of the many sports events of the day and also inaugurated the school’s new gymnasium.

In her speech addressed to the students, s Ms Mirza emphasised the importance and value of sports in our daily life, particularly s in the life of students. She also appreciated the keen interest shown by the school as well as the athletes in the field of sports and athletics. Our upcoming athletes hold the reins of the country’s future in the field of sports. Indeed they do. We are grateful to Ms Mirza for having taken the trouble of coming to the school despite a hectic schedule, to encourage our students.

Question 2.
Write a report on the Republic Day s celebrations held in your school.
Grand Celebration Of Republic Day
Rajkot, January 26
Republic Day was celebrated with great pomp and show in Saraswati High School. There was a huge gathering of staff, students and parents at the school ground. Students came wearing neat and tidy white uniforms pinned with national flag badges.

The programme started with flag hoisting. The National Flag was hoisted at 7 am by the Municipal Commissioner T. Chandrashekhar who was the chief guest. It was followed by march past of students groups Red, Green, Blue and Yellow houses marching behind the school band.

The speech given by the District Education Officer about freedom fighters was an inspiring one. Patriotic songs were sung by the students of Std. X. Students presented a cultural programme which consisted of various items.

A ‘Skit’ performed by the students of Std. IX about freedom movement was appreciated by all. Sports competitions were an attraction of this year’s celebrations. Winners were awarded certificates and prizes. Prizes were distributed by the chief guest.

GSEB Class 9 English Report Writing

Question 3.
You have visited a Science Exhibition organized by the Education Department, s Prepare a report of about 20 lines for the? school magazine appreciating the work of s the organisers. ?
Young Einsteins In The Making Bhavnagar, September 30
The Science Exhibition arranged at Good Shepherd High School from 25th September to 30th September by the Shala Vikas Sankul was indeed an outstanding success. The talents of the young budding scientists need to be appreciated, for it was an eye-opener to all and sundry who visited the exhibition.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the District Education Officer. There were various pandals erected for the display of variety of exhibits. Models of water purifier, washing machine, simple machine for recycling of waste found favour with many. India goes nuclear and satellite communication were star attractions of the exhibition. Environment-friendly chimney, Solar cooker, Solar water heater, Gobar gas plant were some other working models.

The young scientists explained the scientific principles involved in their projects using charts, slides, models, etc. The simple machine for recycling of waste exhibited by Model English School was highly appreciated by the judges and was awarded the first prize. While awarding the prizes, the District Education Officer lauded the efforts of the young scientists and teachers who made the exhibition a grand success.
The exhibition was really educative and entertaining.

GSEB Class 9 English Report Writing

Question 4.
Write a report in about 20 lines about National School athletic meet held in New Learners’ School.
Young Athletes Break Records Mehsana, November 15
All India Interschool Athletic Meet held in New Learners’ High School was an outstanding event as it broke many existing records in track and field events. The meet was held on 13th, 14th and 15th of November. The meet was inaugurated by the Hon. Sports Minister. It started with a march past. Young athletes from various schools participated in the events. Students from Don Bosco school outshone themselves in track events. Winners were awarded certificates and medals by the Hon. Sports Minister.

While giving away the medals, he lauded the organisers and the young athletes. The events came to a close with the school band playing the National Anthem. The success of the events could be attributed to the meticulous planning and hard work by the teachers and students.

Question 5.
Prepare a news report to be published in your school magazine about an exciting inter-school football match in which your school won the exciting match.
Smt. P. B. D. Joshi High School Win a Prestigious Football Match
April 9, 2019
Smt. P. B. D. Joshi High School, Rambaug, Maninagar won a district-level inter-school football match with 3-0.
Approximately 28 schools all over the district were registered for this prestigious match as the award of ? 50,000 was announced for the winner. Football ground, Kankariya, Ahmedabad was the venue selected for the semi-finals and finals. For the semi-finals, there were four selected teams. Semi-finals were played under groups A and B, and Vidyanagar School of Ahmedabad and P. B. D. Joshi High School could manage to enter the finals. A large number of students had gathered to witness the finals.

At sharp 10:30 a.m. the match started. Vidyanagar School team were in yellow uniforms and P. B. D. Joshi High School were in blue. With loud cheers both the teams entered the ground. Vidyanagar High School players seemed to be more energetic and enthusiastic. Fortunately, they managed to get a free kick, however, the goalkeeper Rutesh of P. B. D. High School managed to save the goal.

Somehow Nehal of P. B. D. passed the ball to Shyamak and his shot ripped into the goal. P. B. D. had won the first round. In the second round, once more Vidyanagar team dominated as they had two very good players at intercepting and dribbling. But without getting irritated at their efforts Vinesh of P. B. D. High School managed to shoot the ball directly into the net and the goalkeeper of Vidyanagar seemed helpless. There were cheers and shouts all around. For the third round, there was great excitement.

GSEB Class 9 English Report Writing

The tempo was at its highest and the players of Vidyanagar team were desperate. Kaushal of P. B. D. High School tackled the ball excellently leaving no chance for the opponent team to recover. He made a passionate smash at Shyamak and Shyamak headed it spotting a gap in the defence of Vidyanagar team to Nehal. Nehal controlled the ball and smashed it past the goalkeeper.

Thus, P. B. D. managed to win all three rounds. There was a volley of congratulations for the players. Some supporters lifted up the good performers on their shoulders and the air of the ground was filled with ‘hip, hip, hurray! In the award ceremony, the captain of P. B. D. Joshi High School team was given away a cheque off 50,000 at the hands of the District Education Officer.

Question 6.
Write a report of a Musical Night organized by your school on the school grounds. The report of about 20 lines will be put up on the school noticeboard.
Grand Musical Night Ahmedabad, July 26
It was an occasion to remember, a night to cherish. Last night was indeed a grand musical night, the one which we will never forget. Kumar Sanu and his musical troupe kept an audience of about 5,000 people enthralled for almost three hours, starting from 7 pm. Alka Yagnik and Anuradha Paudwal also joined in for some duets, as well as solo numbers. The accompanying’ orchestra was excellent and the dancers in fine form. There were some solo classical recitals. Kumar Sanu’s voice was as good as what we had heard in his cassettes.

Our school had organized the show to raise funds for the construction of the school hall. The Principal was happy to announce that, after expenses, the school had collected rupees two lakhs in cash. All in all, the show was a resounding success.

Question 7.
Your school science exhibition was inaugurated by a local dignitary. Write as report of it in about 20 lines to be put up? on the school noticeboard.
Science Exhibition Inaugurated Surendranagar, March 11
Sr Seema, the ex-principal of our school! Holy Cross Convent, Surendranagar, inaugurated the science exhibition yesterday. The exhibition, organized by the students, will be held in the! school grounds from the 10th to the 15th of this month. The present Head, Sr Mary, welcomed Sr Seema.

She was all praise for the efforts of the students and teachers in putting up the s exhibition. She praised the set-up, the discipline and the organization. A short diya dance was s performed by some of the senior girls, and? the symbolic lamp was lit. Then Sr Seema cut s the ribbon to declare open the first stall and? everyone cheered. The next few days will indeed be hectic ones.

GSEB Class 9 English Report Writing

Question 8.
Write an account in about 20 lines of t a cricket match held on your school grounds.
Bright High School Wins Cricket Match
Vadodara, February 16
The cricket team of our school (Bright High 5 School) was pitted against that of Bharat High School on our grounds. Bharat High School won 5 the toss and sent us to field. Kirit Chauhan was < our pace bowler. But his second ball was hit beautifully for a boundary.

The next over was bowled by Hiten Thakkar. In the second ball 5 of this over, the opening batsman was clean bowled. After this, the game went on slowly until the captain of the Bharat team walked in after four wickets were down for a score of 67.

Within half an hour, the captain had notched up 25 runs. Our googly bowler, Hassan Sheikh, did S wonders. Not only did he get the captain out but he also dismissed three other batsmen as b well. When the stumps were drawn at half-time, Bharat School were 129 all out in forty overs. S This was the score we had to chase.

We opened our innings disastrously. We lost two wickets in the very first over. There was gloom in our camp. Our only hope was our captain, Sachin Patel. He rose to the occasion and punished the bowlers of Bharat High School- In 29 overs he scored 57 runs. This included four sixes and three boundaries. His batting had us all on our feet screaming with excitement. Then he was out lbw. Our tally was 87 in 30 overs.

The remaining batsman contributed several runs to the score and we edged up to 120 in 39 overs. Ten runs had to be scored in the last over. Gaurang, who was batting, was in his element and on the 2nd and 3rd ball of the over, he hit a boundary and a sixer. We won the match with three balls to spare. Everyone was delirious with joy. The Principal handed over the trophy to the jubilant captain, Sachin.

Question 9.
Your school felicitated five students of the town for their outstanding performance at the SSC examinations. Write a report of about 20 lines on the function to be included in your school magazine.
SSC Toppers Felicitated
Surat, July 1
The five toppers at the SSC examinations from the various schools of our town were felicitated at a function held at our Smt. P. B. D. Joshi English High School Hall at 10 am. This function was held during school hours in the presence of the entire school. It was a small function presided over by the Mayor of our Municipal Council, Mr Amit Shah. He gave away the award which consisted of ₹ 5000 and a medal to Vinay Shukla of Saraswati High School for coming 10th in the Merit list.

A medal and ₹ 1000 each were awarded to Geeta Mehta of Sanjeevani School, Deval Munshi of Satya Academy, Rahul Kaswekar of Railway School and Rita Dave of Pragati School. The programme began with the song ‘Hum Honge Kamyab’ by the students of Stds. V and VI.

GSEB Class 9 English Report Writing

The Principal then introduced the chief guest, who congratulated the toppers heartily. This was followed by a play in Hindi ‘Drug Sardar’ which was quite hilarious. Then the function concluded and we all went back to our classes hoping to be present there someday to receive an award.

Question 10.
Write a news report of a police firing you witnessed.
Police Firing At Rajkot
Rajkot, October 12
A dawn-to-dusk Rajkot bandh was called to protest against yesterday’s police action at Gandhi Chowk turned violent, leading to the death of one person in the firing. Police, however, claim that there were no casualties.
Elsewhere in the district, the bandh was on the whole peaceful. Most of the shops were closed. In Rajkot, the police fired when they were allegedly attacked and prevented from removing roadblocks outside the police station. The mob set fire to the official car of the District Collector. It is also reported that about 15 private cars were damaged while five public transport buses were completely smashed.

Question 11.
You have a water crisis in your town city. Write an account of it.
Water Crisis In Godhra
Godhra, May 6
The town of Godhra is in the grip of a severe water crisis. In some areas, desperate people have even begun collecting water from gutters outside their homes to clean the toilets. Residents complain that they had been receiving water for not more than an hour a day since April. From May 1 to 5, there was virtually no water. Many residents were forced to move to their relatives’ homes in the neighbouring towns.

The situation improved slightly for a few days but this weekend the crisis has erupted again. A severe dry spell has been cited by the officials as the chief cause of the crisis. But the people who are very badly affected by this crisis, are roundly blaming the authorities for failing to plan some kind of relief by way of supplying water by tankers.

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