GSEB Class 11 Accounts Notes Part 2 Chapter 11 Computers and Accounting

This GSEB Class 11 Commerce Accounts Notes Part 2 Chapter 11 Computers and Accounting covers all the important topics and concepts as mentioned in the chapter.

Computers and Accounting Class 11 GSEB Notes

Computer is an excellent invention of a rfian. Computer is an electronic device which can perform several processes, like computing work, storage of data, analysis of data, preparing various types of useful accounting reports and statements, etc. Today, computers have entered in areas like accounting, business, education, research, printing, communication, banking, transportation, weather, banking, defence, literature, space, science, sports, music, medicines, spirituality and tax management. It means application of computers has grown phenomenally. Today, most of the entities prepare their accounts using computers. Time, labour and expenses can be saved and compilation and analysis of the data is quickly possible if the computer is used. Therefore, today’s age is called the ‘Computer age’ also.

→ There are three important components of Computerised Accounting System :

  1. Hardware,
  2. Software and
  3. Human ware.

→ Different parts of computer hardware : Keyboard, Central Processing Unit (CPU), Monitor, Mouse, DVD drive, Pen drive, Speaker, Sound card, Printer, etc.

→ Software is a set of instructions that can perform special tasks as required by users or machine.

→ Software can be divided mainly into two types :

  1. System software and
  2. Application software.

→ Humanware is the people who work with computer and software. It will include programmers, data entry operators, hardware engineer, software engineer, system analyst, etc.

GSEB Class 11 Accounts Notes Part 2 Chapter 11 Computers and Accounting

→ Following are the categories of Accounting software :

  1. Ready-made software
  2. Customised software and
  3. Tailor-made software.

→ Accounting software is developed by a team of experts and hence it will have maximum features.

→ Accounting Reports can be prepared easily by using accounting software.

→ Accounting Information System (AIS) is a system of processing data relating to financial transactions in such a manner that useful information is made available for internal decisions of the unit as also to outsiders.

→ AIS can provide following reports or statements :

  • Profit and Loss statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Debtors’ report
  • Creditors’ report and
  • Other reports which is related to accounting.

→ Tally, Tata Ex, Busy, Profit, Professional Accountant, etc. are accounting software.

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