GSEB Class 9 English Essay Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 9 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Essay Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Essay Writing GSEB Std 9 English Grammar

1. What is an Essay?
An essay is a set of connected and sequential ideas written in such a way that they make a comprehensive whole. An essay is usually an expression of one’s personal opinions, linked logically, on a given topic.

2. Format of an Essay:
Generally, an essay may be divided into three main parts, namely, the introduction, the body and the conclusion.
The introduction should be brief and should generate the interest of the reader. The opening paragraph should introduce the topic by way of a definition or an anecdote or a proverb or a quotation with a corresponding explanation.

The body may be further divided into several short paragraphs depending on the number of ideas you wish to convey. Factual information, illustrations, reflections, the writer’s point of view, etc. feature here. The conclusion should be short, striking and natural. A good and effective way of concluding an essay is to sum up the arguments, viewpoints or observations expressed in the main body of the essay.

3. How to write a good Essay :

  • Collect and arrange ideas and facts in logical order.
  • Make an outline of the essay.
  • Maintain linkage of ideas and continuity of thought throughout.
  • Avoid repetition and unnecessary or hackneyed expressions.
  • Frame simple and short sentences.
  • Ensure grammatical accuracy, correct spelling and appropriate punctuation.
  • Make sure that the essay is meaningful and quite readable.
  • Use sentences of different length and types so as to overcome the monotony and increase the interest factor.

4. Essentials of a Good Essay :
An essay has two basic aspects: matter and style.

  • The quality of the matter is of paramount importance, not so much the length.
  • The ideas must be original, relevant and adequate and, preferably humorous, especially when the nature of the topic lends itself to humour.

Express your ideas in ‘simple’ and ‘good’ English. An essay demands more than just correct English, it requires an effective style. Pay attention to the range of vocabulary (words, phrases and idiomatic expressions) and the construction of sentences. Do not write in the first person (I) unless the topic justifies it. It is important to present your essay as a logically connected whole.

5. Types of Essays :

  • Narrative essays: Narration of an event or a series of events.
  • Descriptive essays: Description of a person, a character, a place or a thing.
  • Reflective essays: Reflections or thoughts on a topic (generally of an abstract nature).
  • Imaginative essays: Expression of one’s imagination on a given topic.
  • Argumentative essays: Exposing the positive as well as the negative aspects of a given topic and drawing a suitable conclusion therefrom.

GSEB Class 9 English Essay Writing

Write an essay in about 200 words on ! the following topics :
A Day Of Heavy Rainfall

Points: sudden burst of rain – downpour l – consequences – impact on public life – conclusion The rainy season had just begun. It was S’ pleasant and cool all around. The ground was s covered with fresh green grass. Mother earth S’ was clothed in a vast green carpet.

One day, there was bright sunshine. People S moved out of their houses without rainwear and S’ umbrellas. Obviously, they did not expect rain S on such a bright day. But in the afternoon, all of a sudden, dark S’ clouds gathered in the sky. I was on my way home from school. Shortly it started pouring. I S’ was caught in the downpour. For some time, I took shelter under a wayside shed. I was afraid S’ my parents would be worried about my safety if I were too late.

There were many other students with me, S’ who, too, were on their way home. Soon we were wading through knee-deep water. It was l difficult to find a safe way home. We were l completely drenched. The whole area had S’ turned into a vast sea. A number of trees fallen S along the road blocked the traffic. With great difficulty and after a lot of anxious moments, managed to reach home. Seeing me back home safe, my parents were relieved.

It continued raining throughout that night 5 till the evening of the next day. That day I S’ stayed indoors.
Soon the rainwater flowed away. It took S more than a week for the town to recover from S’ the effects of the heavy rainfall.

My Favourite Book

Points: never-failing friends – full of S information and knowledge – your favourite S’ book – reasons – how it influenced you – what it teached – conclusion Books are our never-failing friends and S’ they provide the reader the bliss of solitude. Books are windows to the world.

They are our S’ eyes and ears and minds. Sitting in Mumbai, a person can be transported to Africa or Japan through books. Lying on a sofa, one can easily travel to the Sahara Desert or to the North Pole through books. It is through books that one learns about Abraham Lincoln or Mahatma Gandhi or the Rani of Jhansi. One book that has influenced me immensely and has become my favourite is the prose version of the epic Ramayana, written by C. Rajagopalachari. The style is simple and the book is very interesting. Once I take up the book, I can’t put it down.

The writer has portrayed the three main characters of Rama, Seeta and Bharata quite vividly. Rama, as Rajgopalachari presents him, is selfless, sacrificing and totally interested in the welfare of his subjects. Seeta is a devoted wife, ready to undergo any hardship or suffering for the sake of her husband. Bharata is a glorious example of brotherly respect and self-sacrifice. Bharata’s love for Rama has no parallel and has become almost proverbial.

There are many other minor characters in the book and each plays an important role in the development of the story. Jatayu is one such key character. Hanuman is another. Both were loyal and devoted to Lord Rama.
The Ramayana upholds basic human virtues such as devotion, loyalty and service, and condemns baser qualities like greed, selfishness, passion and lust for power. This is a work that one can read for pleasure as well as profit. I have read and reread it many a time. It refreshes my mind and inspires my soul.

GSEB Class 9 English Essay Writing

Importance Of Mathematics

Points: learning of different subjects -reasons for Maths being an important subject – teaches logic – develops analytical attitude – makes easy to imbibe science, technology and practicality in life rational approach We learn many subjects like Science, Mathematics and English in school. Most of the children dread the name of ‘Maths’. But if we peep into our daily activities, we see maths all over. So let’s see, what impact this subject has in our lives. From a mobile phone to the computers, whether used in hospitals, banks, shop or designer’s studios, we see the influence of maths. Proper knowledge in maths will help you deal with all transactions.

In the field of medicine, accurate measurements are a matter of life or death. Even our home kitchens use maths. Isn’t it amazing? The correct measurements of ingredients make the food tasty. Today robots are making a king-size contribution in all the fields. No engineer can make this possible without the knowledge of maths. Even the space technology, which shares all kinds of information through the internet has a base of maths. These are just a few examples where maths is used. So instead of shunning this subject, it is always better to befriend it and have fun with numbers.

An Autobiography Of A Caged Bird

Points: helplessness – craze for freedom – treated well but agonised to be free – conclusion I was born in a beautiful nest on a banyan tree near the Shipra River. My parents said I was beautiful because my wings were colourful, unlike my cousins. This made me very special. Soon I learnt to like the other parrots. I also learnt to imitate the voices of other birds. I was very happy. I played with my friends from dawn to dusk.

One day a hunter caught me in his net and took me to market. A small boy with his parents came along and took me home. A new cage with a small door, a bowl of water, a swing and food to eat. Initially, I was happy not to search for food, a lovely boy who spoke to me lovingly.

I imitated different birds and entertained my new friend. I also learnt to say a few human words. But soon I felt lonely. I longed for freedom to fly in the sky and remained sad through the day. After a few days, the boy realized my agony and set me free. I was very happy to be able to fly free but I made it a point to visit the boy once a day.

GSEB Class 9 English Essay Writing

My Visit To A Bank

Points: how it happened ? reason of visit – set up and activities there – encourage savings and caters financial assistance – an important financial institution I was very excited when my father told me that we were going to the bank. This was my first visit to a bank. We stopped at the entrance of the bank, and the first thing I noticed was a huge hoarding outside the building ‘State Bank of India’. There was a guard in uniform holding a rifle in his hands. I was initially scared, but he smiled at me and even opened the door.

When we stepped inside, I saw many counters and alert bank officials working on their computers, communicating politely with all the customers. My father brought me here to open a savings account for me. We met the authorities and filled a form, attached the required documents like the Aadhar card, electricity bill copy, etc. We submitted the papers and a bank official explained the bank proceedings to me.

She showed me how money was deposited and withdrawn from the account, a machine to update the passbook. It was amazing. I saw the counter for cash withdrawal with a screen which flashed token numbers, to assure smooth functioning and avoid crowding. My father took me to the ATM machine, where he demonstrated how he could withdraw money any time of the day.

Forests-Our National Wealth

Points: forests home for animals and birds – produces useful to man – balance ecosystem – prevent soil erosion – bring rain – deforestation may lead to destruction Forests are home to many animals and birds. They provide a livelihood for people residing nearby. Forest products like timber, herbal medicines, honey are useful to man.

From the environmental point of view, forests help to maintain the perfect balance of the various gases in the atmosphere making it favourable for life. The harmful greenhouse gases are kept in control. Forests help the water cycle as trees extract water from the soil and release it into the atmosphere. They help bring rain. They control the atmospheric temperature.

They help in prevention of floods in rivers. Today, deforestation has become a major concern. It destroys the habitat of animals and birds. Many birds and animals are on the verge of extinction. They affect the ecosystem. Cutting of trees results in floods. The water cycle gets disturbed. Deforestation is one of the reasons of global warming. Hence, it is advisable to understand the importance of forests and protect them to save our home – our earth.

GSEB Class 9 English Essay Writing

Summer Holidays

Points: Every student eagerly waits for them – joys we have – different things we do – different places we visit – company of dearer ones – full of entertainment – recreation all through Every year we eagerly wait for the summer holidays.

As this is the best time to indulge in extra-curricular activities. This year my mother suggested I learn horse riding and swimming. Two of my best friends joined me. The horse-riding sessions were in the morning. We had to get up early to be on time. Initially, I was scared of the horses, but the trainers soon taught us how to get friendly with them. We used to feed them ‘gram’ which was their favourite.

First, we learnt how to tie the saddle to the horse and climb on it. Later the horse would trot for a short distance, while we learnt how to control with the reins. After a week, the trained horses began to increase their speed, and before we realised, we were riding the horses quite confidently. The swimming sessions were in the evening. Here the trained swimmers taught us the basics in the shallow area of the pool.

But soon we were asked to swim in the deep, which was very scary and tiring too. We learnt to dive and float. Being with friends made the learning easy. Today, I can proudly say, I know swimming and horse riding.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile

Points: Advantages: instruments of communication – many devices – source of entertain¬ment, information, guidance, knowledge, etc.

Disadvantages: distraction – weakens our faculties of memory – strain – addiction causes great harm-Unwise use may lead to great harm – undesirable pics and misleading information – games like PubG and others can cost life-wise use desirable A mobile is a small portable telephone which enables to take calls, send texts and also access the internet easily.

Advantages of mobile: They are handy and convenient as they are not attached to cables. You can stay connected with friends and family being anywhere in the world. It can be informative if connected to the internet. Mobiles can be lifesavers too if you get stuck. The GPS technology helps you find your destination. Flashlights act like emergency torches. Fun and games make it very popular.

Disadvantages of mobile: It can prove to be a great cause of distraction. Receiving calls in the middle of an important meeting can be disturbing at times. People tend to depend more on their mobiles to remember things like numbers, dates, etc. so the memory slackens. Using the mobile for longer hours can strain your eyes. Earphones used to hear music can damage your hearing ability. Most importantly, addiction to mobiles can be very harmful. So one must use mobile wisely.

GSEB Class 9 English Essay Writing

Global Warming

Points: rise in earth’s temperature – reasons – effects – eco-balance is lost – disturbance in natural cycles – storms, heavy rain – snowfall, etc. calamities – measures to lessen global warming or be ready to get wiped out from the earth Global warming is a slow steady rise in the earth’s surface temperature.

This has resulted in a rise of oceanic temperatures and an overall change in the earth’s atmosphere including a rise in the sea levels and variability of snowfalls. Due to the increase in the greenhouse gas resulting from pollution and emission from transportation and industrialisation. In short, human activities are responsible for global warming.

We, as citizens of the world, can do a lot to save our home-our earth. Adopt the rule- reduce, reuse and recycle. Cut down on the consumption of fuels by carpool or drive less. Tapping solar energy is a very good option. Reducing wastes will help releasing less greenhouses gases. Even turning off lights and electronic devices when not in use will have a good impact. Conserve water, because in turn you save energy used to draw water from underground. And always remember to spread awareness about global warming.

Save The Ocean

Points: marine pollution to be prevented -great danger to marine life-produces from sea will be lost – measures to be taken Marine pollution is one of the greatest issues demanding urgent attention of the entire world. We are supposed to take special measures in this direction.

We should mind our carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption. For that we should do minimum use of our car, switch to CFL bulbs, take the stairs instead of elevators and use a fan to avoid oversetting thermostat.

We should reduce the use of plastic products as ‘they end up as ocean debris and contribute to habitat destruction and kill thousands of marine animals each year. Instead we should carry reusable water bottles, store food in disposable containers, use reusable bags while shopping and recycle things whenever possible. We should keep beaches clean.

We should not purchase items like coral jewellery, tortoiseshell and shark products that exploit marine life. We should be ocean-friendly pet owners. We should support organisations working to protect the ocean. Many institutes and organisations are fighting to protect ocean habitats and marine life. We should travel the ocean responsibly. We should educate ourselves about oceans and marine life.

GSEB Class 9 English Essay Writing

Disaster Management

Points: unpredictable natural calamities – disaster management – need of time – logistics – trained personnel – awareness among common people – measures to be taken – conclusion Natural calamities are very unpredictable. The science and techniques adopted to prevent loss of life and property is known as disaster management.

During floods, when the excessive water rushes into the villages or towns, turning them into ruins, we have a trained team of people who reach the affected area in time and save them. People are evacuated from their homes and taken to higher places of safety. Even the animals are taken care of. Later the damaged roads and homes are repaired to bring back life to normalcy. Even doctors are made available to help prevent any kind of waterborne epidemics.

During earthquakes, such teams are trained to shift the needy to a safer place. Help remove any person trapped beneath the rubble. Temporary shelter, food, medicines are provided. Sometimes the entire village or town need to be renovated and they use scientific methods of construction in these earthquake-prone regions. Every government should have a special department in every state to cope up with such situations.

My Favourite National Hero

Points: so many leaders – the leader of your favour – reasons – qualities – merits – his contribution to nation – inspiration you get I love and respect all national heroes. But among them all, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is my favourite. He is widely respected not only within India but also abroad.

Jawaharlal Nehru was born in the rich and highly educated family of the Nehrus. He had everything one could wish for. He had the best of education at home and in England. After returning from England, he came under the influence of Mahatma Gandhi. That was the turning point in his life. He decided to dedicate his entire life to the selfless service of his beloved motherland.

He struggled hard for the freedom of India and was imprisoned several times. Mahatma Gandhi always turned to him for advice. He proudly called Jawaharlal his political heir. He knew very well that the country would be safe in his hands. After Independence, Jawaharlal Nehru became the first Prime Minister of free India. During his premiership, India advanced industrially and agriculturally.

He was recognised as a world leader. He worked for world peace. Nehru was extremely fond of children. They simply loved and adored him. So his birthday, November 14th is celebrated as Children’s Day. Nehru was, also, very fond of nature. In his death, India as well as the entire world lost a leader of rare merits.

GSEB Class 9 English Essay Writing


Points: Perennial friends of man – their role in human life – produces we use – other advantages: prevent pollution, stop soil erosion, invite rain – measures to save them and grow them on large scale – boon to humanity Trees occupy an important place in the life of man. They give us so many good things and yet expect nothing in return.

Trees give us fruits for food and flowers for pleasure and worship. They provide us timber for our houses and furniture. They provide us wood for fuel. Many trees provide us with medicinal products such as quinine and eucalyptus oil. In fact, many medicines that we use, ultimately come to us through trees and vegetation.

Trees play an important role in purifying the air around us. They take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen that sustains life. Thus, they help reduce the degree of air pollution. Trees are very necessary for good rainfall. Trees attract rain bearing clouds and prevent soil erosion and help to maintain a balance in the ecosystem.

Governments all over the world have realised the importance of trees. Here, in India, we have an extensive tree plantation programme known as ‘Vanmahotsava’ every year. But government efforts alone are not sufficient. All schools, colleges and social service organisations should launch ‘tree planting’ programmes on a massive scale. This is the only way to ensure a happy life for future generations.

If I Were A Teacher

Points: my dream – inspiration – qualities that you admire in teacher-what will be your contribution as a teacher – a great service to nation Sometimes Mummy asks me to teach my younger brother Paul. I enjoy the work a great deal. But teaching your own younger brother is no joke. It is quite different from teaching an entire class. And I often wonder how it would be if I were a teacher.

The subject I’d like to teach most would be Mathematics. I love the subject and find it so easy and interesting. I’d like to show children in my class how simple Mathematics really is. I’d use drawings and charts to teach them many of the topics in Mathematics that they find difficult. I’d have one period only for shopping. I’d appoint some children as shopkeepers and the others as customers.

I’m sure the children would learn this game and learn to add, subtract, divide and multiply very easily through this joyful experience. I’d give lots of examples and make Mathematics sheer fun to learn. I’d set different types of tests to check whether the students have really learned Mathematics. I’d see to it that my students knew their tables perfectly. Sometimes I’d make them write them down. I’d see to it that the students learnt most of the subject in class itself. I would give only as much homework as is required for practice.

I’d never punish my students because that would create in them a dislike for the subject. I’d be very patient and explain things slowly and carefully many times so that everyone understands. Of course, this does not mean that I’d be lenient and lax. I’d definitely not tolerate mischief or unnecessary noise in the class. I’d be firm but kind.

Who knows, when I grow up I might do my B.Sc. in Mathematics, and then my B.Ed. I’d then become a teacher in some school. For now, however, all I can do is to dream of what I would do if I were a teacher.

Pleasures Of Reading

Points: Reading enriches – never-failing friends – good pastime – good reading leads to positivity – your knowledge can contribute to persons, society and nation – develop sense of distinction – conclusion
‘Reading maketh a full man,’ says a famous saying. This means that it is the reading habit which helps a man to develop and enrich his personality.

A good book not only entertains but teaches. It is not possible for a person to know everything. Books help us to increase our store of knowledge. If a book is written well, it can also provide us with pleasure. Books are our never failing friends. Ruskin has called books, ‘King’s Treasuries’. The treasure contained in these treasures are knowledge, noble thoughts and high ideals. Books relieve us of our sad moments and dull monotony of leisure hours and fill our hearts with hope and courage and cheer. Poor indeed is the man who does not like to read.

One should read books on a variety of topics such as travel, history, biography, autobiography, science and morals. Such kind of variety of reading will help one grow into a fuller man. Magazines and newspapers also provide a variety of reading material. They help us to keep our knowledge up-to-date. Poetry also should not be neglected. It provides us with noble thoughts and high ideals. Prose enriches the mind, poetry enriches the heart. Teachers and parents should encourage and nourish the young to develop the art of reading more and more.

GSEB Class 9 English Essay Writing

The Advantages Of Travelling

Points: ‘Seeing is Believing’ – the more you visit the more you know-come in touch with different people, community – a great source of learning – brings enrichment – recreation – conclusion My father is a railway employee. As a result, I get to see many places other than Nagpur where I stay. Sometimes he takes all of us on a holiday. I realise that I like travelling a great deal. I have seen more than thirty cities and towns in India. Some of the places I have visited are Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ooty, Mysuru, Bengaluru, Agra, Jammu, Mahabaleshwar, Dehradun, Ambala and even Thiruvananthapuram.

The one thing that I gather from all my travels is that India is a land of a rich variety. I have seen snow-capped peaks, coastal regions, the deltas of the Sunderbans, the interiors of India where the climate is extreme, hill stations, plateaus, lowlands and even the North Indian plains. I find that my outlook on life has considerably broadened due to my extensive travelling. I can get along with people of all types. I do not feel distaste or dislike for habits that people of different communities or regions have.

This is what travel does. It broadens the mind, improves our outlook on life and makes us persons with a better understanding of varied cultures and creeds. Besides being exciting, travel is always very refreshing. Staying always in one place, seeing the same streets and people every day is quite monotonous and obviously boring. Travel enriches the mind and makes a person happier, more accommodating and better equipped to deal with a variety of experiences. When I grow up, I would like to visit countries in faraway places. So far I have travelled only by train. Later on, I hope to travel by ship and by plane. I am sure that my travels will do me a world of good.


Points: a great source of public exposure – need of time – to publicise your services, needs, products, etc. – attract consumers – beware of misleading ads. – necessary evils Ours is an age of advertisement. The TV, the radio, the cinema and the newspaper are the common media of advertisement. We also find advertisements on building walls, buses and at railway stations and airports.
Advertisement is a necessity today.

Our wants are increasing. Thousands of things are manufactured to satisfy our wants. But for advertisements, producers would not be able to bring their goods to the notice of consumers. Consumers, too, would not be able to know where to find the things they want. Advertisements help traders to sell more and thereby expand trade and industry.

Owners of cinema houses, circus proprietors and all others who wish to attract clients need the help of advertisements. It is these advertisements which provide a major portion of the income to newspapers and magazines having wide circulations and also to the Radio and TV channels.

But advertisement has its negative side, too. Sometimes, misleading advertisements induce people to buy things of inferior quality and thus put them to a big loss and harm as well. Advertisements raise the prices of consumer goods because the manufacturing companies recover the cost of advertisements from consumers. Indecent advertisements have a bad effect on the minds of the young who watch them.

But when all is said and done, the fact remains that modern society just can’t do without advertisements. It can be truly said that advertisements have come to stay for good and also for bad. They are a necessary evil in modern times.

GSEB Class 9 English Essay Writing

The Wonders Of Science

Points: Age of science & technology – great inventions – for the good of people – make their life easy and comfortable – also turn harmful if not used wisely Science is one of the miracles of thought and application of knowledge that the brain of man has come out with. Life has been made much easier and comfortable by the blessings of science.

Take for example, books. Due to the invention of printing, plays written by masters such as Shakespeare and Shaw are cheaply available to the public. Television presents visual pictures of events occurring all over the world. You can watch the Olympics or an exciting test match sitting comfortably at home. No need to go to a theatre for a movie. Sit at home, relax and watch the movie of your choice on your TV screen.

Computers are fast overtaking the world. They store information the way no amount of paper can do. Spaceships are controlled by computers. Bank transactions are done on computers. Airports work in an organised manner due to the efficiency of computers.
In the home, the housewife has an array of gadgets to make her work easy. The washing machine helps her wash clothes. The pressure cooker, mixer-grinder, the gas stove and the microwave help in the preparation of food items with little effort. There are gadgets even to make chapatis. The refrigerator stores and preserves food.

Gone are the days when we had to sweat in summer or shiver in winter. The air-conditioner and the heater have taken care of all that. Soon, all these comforts will be available to everyone. So long as man utilises these wonders for the benefit of himself and his fellowmen, science remains a miracle of modern times. Man may misuse these miracles. But then that is not the fault of science. It is the fault of man.

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