GSEB Class 12 English Advertisement Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 12 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Advertisement Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Advertisement Writing GSEB Std 12 English Grammar

Specimens of Advertisements
Advertisements for the Sale of Products:

Question 1.
You own a gift shop. Prepare a luring advertisement with full details to invite customers to buy gifts from your shop.
GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing 1

Question 2.
You own a lunch junction. Prepare an attractive advertisement giving all the details, i.e., what you are going to serve, price, timing, address and contact details.
GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing 2

GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing

Question 3.
You are holding an exhibition for your sale items. You are a fashion joint. Prepare an advertisement to attract customers to visit your exhibition and buy your sale items at discounted prices.
GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing 3

Question 4.
You are Ashwini Kumar. You make beautiful greeting cards. You are interested in clearing the stock on the occasion of Diwali. Draft an advertisement for publication in the local newspaper. (25 to 30 words)
Beautiful Handmade Greeting Cards
Greet your relatives, friends, boss in a stylish way. Suitable for Any Time Gifting or all-purpose. Reasonable price. Make someone feel special. Contact: 98240 10653

Question 5.
You are transferred to a big city, so you want to dispose off some of the household goods. Draft an advertisement for a local newspaper. (25 to 30 words)
For Sale
Big study table, six-seater dining table, sofa-cum-bed, steel almirah, automatic washing machine on sale. Meet on Sunday 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. at the site. On spot cash payment. Contact: 2717 2733

GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing

Advertisements for the Services

Question 1.
You have got special guts for market research. You can train some more people setting up a well-infrastructured organisation. Prepare an advertisement in the name of your organisation to invite people for the training.
GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing 4

Question 2.
You are a leading ground handling agency. You want to provide services to reputed international airlines. You want to appoint some personnel for your agency. You will have to indicate your specific requirements. With these details, prepare an advertisement inviting people for a personal walk-in-interview at a hotel.
GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing 5

GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing

Advertisement for brInging – about awareness among people

Prepare a poster advertisement advising people to minimize the use of plastics.

Stop excessive use of plastics.
Use metal containers.
Metals bring back full value for the waste.
Plastic heaps create menace.
Say NO to polythene bags.
Use fibre bags.
Dont let utility overlook the menace.
Consumer is the king.
Take the last power In your hands.
Minimise the use of Plastics.
Save the green surroundings.

Save Nature.
Save Nation!

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