GSEB Class 11 English Speech Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 11 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Speech Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Speech Writing GSEB Std 11 English Grammar

Purpose of Making a Speech:

  • To convey information orally to a large gathering of people, forcefully and convincingly, and to convert the listeners to the speaker’s point of view.
  • To pass on a wide range of information to a wide range of audiences orally.
  • To express an opinion, share a point of view, experience, observation, etc.


  1. Salutation – the speaker greets chief guests, fellow speakers, and listeners.
  2. The key sentence carries the central theme or issue of the speech.
  3. The speaker expresses his/her views on the topic.
  4. Compare and contrast – bringing up the opposing point of view and arguing the strength of one’s own opinion vis-a-vis the opponents.
  5. Summing up and concluding.

GSEB Class 11 English Speech Writing


  • A speech must begin with a catchy introduction in the form of an anecdote, quotation, statistical data or a thought-provoking question.
  • It must reflect the speaker’s clarity of thought, accuracy of facts, and balanced view through comparison and contrast with other viewpoints.
  • It must bring credibility to views through quoting of adequate supporting data.
  • It must infuse humour through anecdotes.
  • Summing up or consolidating of ideas, suggestions/measures to improve the situation, and personal observations and predictions must be made.
  • It must have a persuasive and powerful language.
  • Vote of thanks to the audience must be delivered at the end.

Important Points

  • The speech must be written in the appropriate format and style.
  • Remember to keep within the word limit.

Question 1.
Write a speech in about 250 words on the topic ‘War Against Terrorism’.
War Against Terrorism
Ladies and gentlemen,
Terrorism is a worldwide phenomenon today. Terrorists are not born they are made. Causes are many. But some causes are common. Sometimes a certain group of people have to face injustice and exploitation for a long time. Such groups after some time retaliate. This retaliation turns out to be terrorism. Some hostile nations are also responsible for terrorist activities.

The 9/11 attack on the twin towers of World Trade Centre is a proof that these groups have made terrorism a worldwide phenomenon. The U.S. had taken action against this. and had eliminated Osama Bin-Laden to curb this activity. Time and again these groups have attacked various places in India and the world. The bomb attacks in Ahmedabad, Akshardham Temple in Gandhinagar had caused death and destruction.

For a long time the Indian government warned the nations who helped in grooming these terrorists. Ultimately steps were taken to let the terrorists know that India and the whole world is against these activities. Surgical attacks were conducted. A large number of innocent people are killed by the terrorists for some cause which is not a reality. The world must join hands to wipe out terrorism, which is like a plague spreading everywhere. We have to combat terrorism. If this is done there is some hope to get rid of terrorism.

GSEB Class 11 English Speech Writing

Question 2.
Write a speech in about 250 words which you are going to address at a NGO centre. The topic is ‘Helping the Needy’.
Helping the Needy
Ladies and gentlemen,
Walking down the streets of the city we come across many people who can be termed as ‘needy’. The human traffickers force certain people to pose as needy. If we want to help the needy we have to first make sure if they are really in need of our help.

We can extend help to orphanages where children who have been cast away at an early age need our help. There are people, who are philanthropic by nature, donate a small percentage of their income to help these institutions. Some organizations help some very poor students providing them with study material. Sponsorship is given to athletes and sportspersons who are talented.

Whatever the case may be what is our duty towards our fellow citizens who are in need of our help? Providence has helped us with our requirements. We should try to help others, providing them with whatever we can. Our help may be a drop in the ocean but definitely, a joint effort will carry many a ship to the coast.

Question 3.
Prepare a speech in about 250 words on the topic ‘Women Empowerment.
Women Empowerment
Ladies and gentlemen,
Ours is a male-dominated society. Progress of women is neglected. It is taken for granted that women are meant to perform household duties only. Men have advantage over women in almost all fields. But all these arguments prove futile when it comes to providing education to women.

Women are the backbone of the society and as such they cannot be neglected. To educate them is the most important and foremost duty of the society. The idea that women are meant to do only household work is absurd. Educated women will always, prove better mothers and efficient managers of the families.

Bringing up children in the best possible manner is very necessary and for this education of women is essential. Women are capable of receiving the highest form of education. There have been women in the past who have proved to be efficient in fields of literature, science, statesmanship or art.

Physical training for women should not be neglected. It is possible that because of physical weakness women may have to submit to stress and strain. Physical training is, therefore very necessary to strengthen their abilities.
Today women are making great progress in various fields.

They should be provided with opportunities where they can come at par with men. In almost all fields today education has helped women to become good statesmen and also has proved to possess better managerial abilities. Education of women should not be neglected. They should be encouraged to scale greater heights.
Thank you! Jai Hind!

GSEB Class 11 English Speech Writing

Question 4.
Prepare a speech in about 250 words on the topic ‘Corruption.
Ladies and gentlemen,
India has always been proud of its moral and spiritual heritage. We often swear by the values of honesty and selfless service. But it is ironical that we are considered among the topmost nations of the world where corruption has entered every field.

The evil of corruption is seen in social, political, economic and also religious spheres. We are required to pay extra money in order to get our rights like ration card, driving licence or death certificates. Corruption has entered even the teaching and medical profession. Marks and even degrees are sold. Some doctors sell kidneys.
It is easy to find the causes of corruption. Politicians lack in the spirit of service. They work for personal gains. They lack ideas. Common man suffers the most. It is very difficult to fight corruption.

Few people wage war against corruption. It proves effective to some extent. We will have to make a united effort. We have to remove corruption at government level. Teachers have to play an important role against corruption. They have to prepare the young generation to build a corruption-free life.

Question 5.
Prepare a speech in about 250 words on ‘Yoga for Good Health’ for an inter-school speech contest.
Yoga for Health
Ladies and gentlemen,
One of the most ancient sciences practised in India is Yoga. It has given us various techniques to bring about the development of physical, mental and spiritual powers. It is an age-old science bringing about basic transformation in man.
Yoga is a complete exercise providing physical, mental and spiritual benefits. Various exercises are practised to benefit joints, ligaments and skeletal systems improving its flexibility and balance.

The body remains healthy if the digestive system remains healthy along with nervous and respiratory systems. Yogic exercises strengthen the heart and smoothen the circulatory system. It strengthens the functioning of glands reducing tension and anxiety. This helps to remove insomnia. Thus Yoga is very useful for healthy living. Practice of Yoga is a must for every individual. Thank you! Jai Hind!

GSEB Class 11 English Speech Writing

Question 6.
Prepare a speech in about 250 words on ‘Conservation of Forest’ to be addressed to cadets in N.C.C. camp.
Conservation of Forest
Ladies and gentlemen,
Forests play a significant role in the life of people. They are the foundation of our economy. The forests are highly useful to us. Their destruction would affect the nation adversely. A large portion of our population lives in rural areas. Most of natural resources are sought in the forests.

The green leaves and grass provide fodder for the animals. The dung is used as fertilizer for the croplands. Domestic cooking fuel is procured from dry twigs and branches. We get a large supply of fruits, edible nuts, fibres and herbs for local consumption. The lashing of the seasonal rainfall is controlled providing springs and everflowing streams during summer months.

Large areas of forests are getting destroyed. Areas of degraded forests are not being reafforested. There is now a severe scarcity of animal fodder and domestic fuel, and acute water shortage. The inhabitants of these areas have started campaigns to protect forests. The Chipko Movement is one of them.

Conservation of forests is our moral duty. The constitution also supports this. The conservation will improve forests, lakes, wildlife and environment. We as citizens of India should fully support conservation of forests for the betterment of our nation.

Question 7.
Prepare a speech in about 250 words to be delivered at a parents’ meeting on the topic ‘Coaching Classes – their advantages and disadvantages.
Coaching Classes – Advantages and Disadvantages
Ladies and gentlemen, It is a modern trend that students join the coaching classes. If some students do not join the classes, then others look at them with a negative view. On the other hand, there are students who feel that they can stay away from school when they attend the classes. Good number of teachers put in more efforts in their classes. Certain students neglect schools as their teachers in the schools are not strict enough to compel them for the fear that they may lose their tuition.

Tuition classes charge exorbitant fees promising the students that with their coaching they would score very good marks in the board exams. Some teachers in their classes work hard, while others promise to work hard.
Whatever the case may be tuitions do help the students to work hard. At the same time, school teachers try their level best in the school to give the students whatever they can. Ultimately it is the students’ responsibility to score good marks in the board examinations.

GSEB Class 11 English Speech Writing

Question 8.
Prepare a speech in about 250 words on the topic ‘Rapport Between the Teacher and the Taught’ to be addressed on the occasion of ‘Teacher’s Day celebration.
Rapport Between Teacher and the Taught
Ladies and gentlemen,
It has always been a serious problem that teachers and students have been unable to understand each other. As a result, the progress of students has been hindered. The progress of students can be enhanced only if teachers come to know about the environment in which they grow.

Family background plays a vital role in the development of a student’s character, i.e., all-round development. Proper guidance is very essential. In the event a of improper guidance the students will face chaos. How can a teacher know what is proper for a particular student. Every student has to be dealt in a different way. This does not mean that discrimination should be shown. On the contrary, discretion should be used while dealing with students.

Whatever the situation may be the concept of ‘Problem Child’ does not exist anymore, as such we must consider that every child is a prized child. A teacher has to channelize his/her energies in a manner which will be beneficial to the student. Teachers should prove themselves to be good role models as career of students is in their hands. If the teacher strives to bring about progress of students then eventually the nation will progress.

Question 9.
Prepare a speech in about 250 words on the topic ‘Job Oriented Education. The speech is addressed to students who are looking forward to select their career.
Job Oriented Education
Ladies and gentlemen,
The percentage of literacy in India in the past was very less. Leaders at national level felt that standard of literacy should be enhanced at any rate. The standard of literacy did increase but the number of literate unemployed also increased. In the absence of career, counselling unemployment increased.

Today the situation is different. There is scarcity of job opportunity. Lack of job oriented education is improper career guidance. Learning based on career counselling is most important part of education. To pursue the most appropriate course is very essential. The opportunities of job opening in various streams such as commerce, science, arts, etc. are to be studied and then the students should opt for the streams most suitable to them.

The government education department should take a serious view of this and should provide more career-guiding centres for students. The Non-Government Organizations should come forward to help the students to pursue a bright and paying career.
Thank you! Jai Hind!

GSEB Class 11 English Speech Writing

Question 10.
Prepare a speech in about 250 words to address a student body making them aware of ‘Uses of Internet’.
Uses of Internet
Ladies and gentlemen,
Network was introduced for communication. It was first used in 1960 for defence purposes by the U.S. It was then called Arpa-Net. Later various organizations started using networks. This usage was then called Internet. This was gathered from more than one computer, as termed earlier. LAN, i.e., Local Area Network was one of them. This was followed by MAN, i.e., Metropolitan Area Network. Finally, the area which came under the organization was WAN – Wide Area Network. Combining these Internet was formed.

Rapid growth of Internet took place during the period 1969-2004 on ALOHANET. Now Internet was used for various purposes. Online Assortment of Information could be gathered. Medical guidance could be sought on Internet. One could seek employment. Communication through e-mail video conferencing can be done through Internet. Internet telephone became of common use. Scientists searched for information on planet. This acquired information could be shared. Online training can be given on every topic through Internet.

Encyclopaedia can be referred to Online information on railway and airline schedules can be procured. In short information on every imaginable subject can be got through Internet. It is sad that the Internet has also got its limitations. Lot of wrong information can be posted. It could all be garbage. Addiction to the Internet can cause problems. Lot of time is wasted on useless projects. There are certain sites where cheating takes place. People take advantage of an unscrupulous business that has sprung up on the Internet. Hackers can create virus and hack your personal computers to gain access to your private and confidential information. In spite of the misuse, Internet has proved very helpful in all fields of knowledge.

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