GSEB Class 10 English Story Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 10 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Story Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Story Writing GSEB Std 10 English Grammar

What is Story Writing?
Imparting knowledge through story-telling has been our very old tradition. Learning can be done better and interestingly if it is catered in form of story. ‘Panchtantra’ and ‘Hitopadesh’ are our great books with stories of men and animals and we have learnt many moral lessons in our childhood reading them. The Mahabharata and the Ramayana are also epic stories and they have never lost their charm for ages. Thus story writing and story¬telling are widely laudable forms of literature.

We can develop a story considering the following points:

  • Read the given points two to three times. This reading will give shape to a story in your mind. Pick up the essence of tire story and think about penning it now.
  • Arrange the order of development in your mind before you begin.
  • Start writing with an introduction. The introduction includes setting, characters, time, etc.
  • Usually, a story is a past event, so write it in past tense.
  • To make the story live or vibrant or vivid, you can add dialogues among the characters too. In this case you can use Present or Future tense.
  • Write the chief event of the story more vividly. It should be developed chronically.
  • You can split the entire story in paragraphs as the happenings take place.
  • See that every sentence of the story leads to the next sentence. A good story is the one wherein once taken to read, the reader is so caught that he will reach the end getting swayed along in the flow of the story.
  • The end of the story should be thought-provoking and relishing as well. It should leave a long-lasting impression on the reader. The end should be gainful on the part of a reader may it be same value, a moral or a motivation.
  • Give it a suggestive title.

GSEB Class 10 English Story Writing

Write a story in 150- 200 based on the inputs given below:

Question 1.
Points: A milkmaid – carry the bucket of milk to the market – one day started s daydreaming -will sale the milk – make money-Buy some eggs – chickens – many hens s and cocks – shall grow rich – buy ornaments and dresses – look charming – suitors to see s me – refuse them with a nod of my head – bucket ( of milk fell down – hopes were dashed to ground.
The Foolish Milkmaid Once upon a time in Sitapur there lived a beautiful milkmaid. She used to milk the cows? and carry the bucketful of milk to the market, s One day while going to the market she started daydreaming. She thought, “I will sell the milk! and make money. With that, I shall buy some eggs. I shall get chickens out of the eggs. Soon I shall have many hens and cocks. I shall grow rich.

I shall buy beautiful ornaments and dresses. I shall look charming and beautiful. Many suitors will come to see me. I shall refuse them with a nod of my head. The bucket of milk that she carried on her head fell down and all the milk flowed on the road. All her hopes were dashed to ground. She repented.

Question 2.
Points: Two hungry cats – found a piece of bread – began fighting over it – a monkey – sitting on a nearby tree-was also hungry – decided to take the piece of bread-said, “let me divide the bread equally” – cats agreed – monkey broke the piece of bread into two – one part bigger than the other one – bit into the bigger part-bit into the larger piece-was left smaller-no bread left-cats were left with nothing.
The Cats and The Monkey
On the outskirt of a village, a monkey was sitting on the tree. One day, two hungry cats found a piece of bread. They began to fight over it. Both of them wanted to eat the bread. The monkey, who was sitting on a nearby tree, was watching them. He was also hungry. He decided to take the piece of bread from the quarrelling cats. He called out the cats and said, “Let me divide the bread equally between you two.” The cats agreed.

They gave the piece of bread to the monkey. The monkey broke the piece of bread into two. One part of the bread was bigger than the other one. He bit into the bigger part to make it equal with the other. But this time the bigger piece became smaller than the smaller piece. He then bit into the larger piece. Which in turn was left smaller. This went for some time until there was no bread left. The monkey in the guise of dividing the piece of bread had eaten the bread himself. The cats were left with nothing. They regretted quarrelling with each other.

GSEB Class 10 English Story Writing

Question 3.
Points: You met a small boy – you were coming from the school-the boy has missed his way home-the boy in tears – comforted him – clothes dirty – must be away from morning – you asked for the address – sign near the house-found out the place – parents worried -happy to see their son-you get a friend.
A Good Turn
It was the evening time. I was coming from the school. It was late evening. There were very few people on the road. Near the turn, I saw a small boy crying. “What’s wrong? Why are you crying ?” I asked him. The boy said, “I have lost my way home. I cannot find it in spite of so many efforts.” The boy whose name was Ramesh was almost in tears. I put my arm around, Ramesh. “Where’s your house ?” I asked him soothingly. ‘Gopal Nagar’, said he feeling relieved.

When I took him home, his mother’s joy knew no bounds. She and his father had tried their best to look for their son. Their prayers to God were also of no avail. His mother was pleading with me to take something as reward. But I refused. In later days, not only Ramesh but also the whole family has become very intimate with our family.

Question 4.
Points: Dispute between the sun and the wind – a traveller – the wind blows hard – traveller clasps his cloak tighter-the sun shines – traveller – takes off the cloak.
The Sun and The Wind
Many many years ago the sun and the wind had a dispute. Each thought himself to be stronger than the other. “Who can doubt my strength?” said the wind., “I can raise storm in seas and wreck ships. I blow on land and fell trees and houses. Who can stand against me ?” “I shine over the whole world”, said the sun. “My heart is the very life of the world. My strength is acknowledged everywhere.”

Meanwhile, they saw a traveller going along the road. He had a cloak on. They decided to try their strength on him. Whoever could make him take off his cloak, would be the stronger. The wind tried first and blew hard. As the wind blew harder, the traveller held he cloak tighter and tighter. The wind could not make him take off his cloak.

Now it was the turn of the sun. It began to shine with blazing light. Soon the heat became unbearable. The traveller felt the warmth of the sun and took off the cloak. Thus the sun was successful in proving his strength.

GSEB Class 10 English Story Writing

Question 5.
Points; You are on your way home from school – suddenly it starts raining – heavy rains-you run to a nearby bus stop for shelter – you wait – you are worried – suddenly a car stops in front of you – a boy opens the door and calls out to you-asks you to get into the car – you hesitate – you had a quarrel with him – your classmate requests again – you get in – say ! ‘thank you’ – he smiles – you become friends again.
A Real Friendship
The school was over. I was coming home.
It was evening. The sky was overcast but I thought it wouldn’t rain till I reached home. But suddenly it started raining. It rained heavily. Everybody ran here and there for shelter. I, too, ran to a nearby bus stop. Many school children, as well as grown-ups, were waiting there for the rain to stop. It did not stop.

I became worried when it didn’t stop raining even after about fifty minutes. I was just thinking? what to do, when a car suddenly stopped near the bus stop. I could not understand whose car? it was till the door was opened and Sushant s called me out. It was a surprise to me as we 1 had no conversation for many months.

“Prashant, Won’t you come with me? Please get into the car,” said Sushant. I hesitated a bit, but his pleasant smile and sincere request attracted me towards the car. While getting down from the car near my l house I exchanged his smile with the words, “Won’t you have a cup of tea with us? Won’t you come in ?” He gladly accepted my invitation and since then we have become best friends.

Question 6.
Points: French soldier walking through the streets of Paris – saw a man selling caged parrots – bought them – set the parrots s free – why? – had been a prisoner of war – knew? the value of liberty.
A French Soldier And Caged Parrots
It is the story of old days. Once there was s a soldier in France. He took part in a battle and was taken a prisoner of war. He suffered many hardships. He was always sad at heart. He longed for home. At last he was let off. One day he was walking through the streets of Paris. By chance, he saw a man selling caged parrots.

He was moved to pity. He bought all the caged parrots. He opened the cage and set! them free. People thought he had gone mad. Someone asked him why he had behaved like that. The soldier replied, “I have been as prisoner of war myself. I know how bad it is ? to lose one’s liberty. So I have set the caged s parrots free.”

GSEB Class 10 English Story Writing

Question 7.
Points: Two classmates – part after leaving school – grow up – one opens a hotel – becomes rich – other remain^ poor – poor friend goes to the rich one – asks for help – advise him to open a pan stall at the door of his hotel-both live happily.
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed
It is a true story. Once there were two friends, Sanjay and Vijay. They were childhood friends and attended the same school in a village named Rampur. After completing the education at school, Sanjay went to the city with his father and thus the two friends parted.

Both of them grew up into their youths. Sanjay had completed a course in ‘Hotel Management’ and opened a posh hotel in the central part of the city. As a result, .he became a rich and respected man. But Vijay couldn’t do anything good in the village. He tried very hard but his land couldn’t offer him much. So his condition deteriorated.

One day, Vijay gathered courage and came to the city to meet his friend and asked for his help. Sanjay thought about the matter and advised him to open pan stall at the door of his hotel. As the hotel was situated in the central part, the pan stall started proving to be advantageous to Vijay. He started earning a lot and opened three more pan stalls.

GSEB Class 10 English Story Writing

Question 8.
Points: Rich man – had a son – loved his son – a boy of great promise – got into bad company – lost interest in his studies – wasted his time-in idle gossip and play-father grew worried – advised son-without success – a plan – basket full of fine mangoes – a rotten mango-rotten mango inside the basket of fine mangoes – in the morning – all the mangoes were rotten – realised – influence of bad company – gave up bad company.
Bad Company
A rich man had only one son. He loved his son dearly. He was a boy of great promise. His father was proud of him. Unfortunately, the boy got into a bad company. He lost interest in his studies. He wasted his time in idle gossip and play. He was no longer a good student.

His father grew worried. He advised his son but without success. At the last he hit upon a plan. He bought a basket full of fine mangoes from the market. He got a rotten mango also. He then asked his son to place the rotten mango inside the basket of fine mangoes.

In the morning, the boy took out mangoes to eat. To his surprise all the mangoes were rotten. This left a deep impression upon his mind. He realised the evil influence of bad company. He gave up bad company. His father was pleased.

Question 9.
Points: The King held a feast-no fish in the feast – King was very sad – fisherman came – carrying a very big fish – wanted to present the fish to the King – gate-keeper stopped him – one condition – share half of what you get from the King with me – prize – hundred lashes – King ordered – to give him hundred lashes – after fifty lashes – gate-keeper wished to share half portion of the reward-the King dismissed the gate-keeper – rewarded the fisherman.
The Intelligent Fisherman
Many many years ago in Sultanpur, one day, the King held a feast. However, there was no fish in the feast. This made the King very sad. Just then a fisherman came at the palace gates. He was carrying a very big fish. He wanted to present the fish to the King. The gatekeeper stopped him at the gate and refused to let him go in. The fisherman pleaded with him, so the gatekeeper said, “I will let you go in only on one condition, that, you will share half of what you get from the King with me.” The fisherman agreed.

The fisherman went in. The King was very pleased to see such a big fish. He asked the fisherman to name his prize. At this, the fisherman replied, “Please give me hundred lashes on my bareback.” The King was surprised. The King offered him a lot of gold.

But the fisherman was adamant. So the king ordered his servants to give him hundred lashes on his bareback. After fifty lashes, the fisherman asked the servants to stop. He then turned to the King and said, “Sir, your gatekeeper had wished to share half portion of the reward, that you would give me for the fish… please give him the remaining fifty lashes”. On hearing this, the King dismissed the gatekeeper and rewarded the fisherman for his intelligence.

GSEB Class 10 English Story Writing

Question 10.
Points: Poor Medha – your classmate -met with an accident – lost one leg-unhappy -always weeping-you went to meet her-tell her the story of Sudha Chandran – Medha wanted Jaipur foot-school children collected funds-Medha got courage – stood on her own feet again – expressed her thanks.
Fortnite Medha
I have many friends. Medha- is one of my best friends. She was my classmate. We used to sit on one bench. Before our SSC examination, Medha was caught in a tragic accident. A cyclist dashed against her so she fell down and unfortunately a lorry passing by crushed her foot so she lost one leg.

Medha felt very unhappy and was weeping continuously. She was a clever girl but now she couldn’t appear for the exam and all her dreams would be shattered. So I decided to make an attempt. I met Medha and told her the story of Sudha Chandran who after making many efforts had once again entered into the field of dance. Now Medha also felt hopeful. Now she wanted a Jaipur foot. But her father couldn’t afford to get it for her. Realising it, the school students collected funds and finally, she got the much-coveted Jaipur foot.

Now she was able to stand on her feet again. Her courage came back to her. She studied well and got 80 % marks in the exam. In her felicitation ceremony arranged by our school, she expressed her thanks towards all teachers, friends and specially mentioned me. I am proud of having such a determined friend.

Question 11.
Points: An engineer – interview in a Multinational company – goes to cobbler – shoe polishing – tips for interview and salary – interview goes well-gets job-comes to know the real boss – awestruck.
Cobbler, the Real Boss
Aniket had cleared his engineering with distinction. His classmates teased him calling ‘bookworm’. Aniket never paid serious attention to their comments and kept on working to achieve his goal. He belonged to a lower-middle-class family and was badly in need of a job.

After applying to many MNCs, one day he got an interview letter. He was greatly excited and started daydreaming a bright, prospective future. But on the other hand, he was greatly nervous as he feared that since he had no knowledge of practical world, he would never succeed at the interview.

He gathered courage, dressed himself well and set out to face the interview. He hurried to the interview place and reached the place one hour before. He did not want to get late at any cost. Still the office was not opened. Somehow his unpolished shoes caught his sight. Nearby he saw a cobbler and went to him to get them polished. While the cobbler was polishing his shoes, he started talking with him casually.

Once upon a time, the cobbler was a manager in a reputed company, but his destiny had brought him down to be a cobbler. Being asked by the cobbler, he told that he was there for interview and waiting for the office to open. Finding Aniket greatly nervous, the kind cobbler started sharing, some of his practical experiences with high just to relieve Aniket off his tension. Each of his experiences had some tip for Aniket in disguise. The cobbler also talked about man’s priorities and responsibilities for the work he is supposed to do.

To Aniket, the cobbler seemed to be a contented man as he was enjoying his low job without any regrets. He thanked the cobbler, asked for his blessings and went for the interview. Now Aniket’s nervousness had drained out and with a rejuvenated spirit he faced the interview and got selected for the job.

For a fraction of time, a thought struck his mind ‘Whom to give credit for his selection to that employer who gave him a job or to that kind cobbler who inculcated confidence in him and enable him get through the interview successfully? He was just awestruck! He concluded undoubtedly that no other but the cobbler was the real boss!

GSEB Class 10 English Story Writing

Question 12.
Points: A girl playing in the garden*- saw an unusual bird – went near the bird and.
Bird Rescued
One day Malvika was playing in the garden with other girls. The sun was going down and soon there would be sunset. She was about to return home along with two of her friends living in the same colony. To her surprise, she heard an unusual twittering. Being curious, she went in that direction and she saw a strange bird that she had never seen before. The wings and feathers of the bird were multi-coloured.

She felt greatly interested in that bird. Being interested in birds as ever, she knew the fact that birds and animals usually move about in the company of their kind. But this bird seemed to be disconnected from others of its kind. Taking pity on it, Malvika went near to the bird.

At first, being scared the bird hopped and went away, but did not fly away. Seeing compassion in the eyes of Malvika, somehow the bird let her pick it. Malvika picked it up in her arms and with the other hand, she tried to smoothen it.

Now the bird was lying calm and Malvika took it home. Everyone in her family was happy to see the bird. Malvika treated it very compassionately catering it with food grains and water. She wanted to keep it as a pet forever, but her parents convinced her that, it would be cruel if they kept it without knowing about its habitat, food and other things.

Following their advice, Malvika contacted the aviary in her city and asked their permission whether they would accept and keep that bird. The aviary authorities agreed to her proposal and accepted the bird. They thanked Malvika for bringing that bird of rare breed to the aviary. Malvika and her parents were happy to have done this kind and noble act.

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