GSEB Class 10 English Diary Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 10 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Diary Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Diary Writing GSEB Std 10 English Grammar

What is Diary Writing?
Diary Writing is, in fact, a form of literature. It is a personal daily record of one’s life. Many writers have written ‘diaries’ in literature. This kind of ‘diary’ records one’s thoughts, feelings, reactions, experiences, interests and dreams. Very often newspaper reporters witness certain incidents. They are supposed to publish such reports in newspapers. But at the spot of incident or event, they do not have so much time to prepare detailed report to be published in a newspaper.

Therefore, they take down some notes in their diaries to prepare final drafts for the newspaper. Here, for the preparation of this question for the examination, you are required to prepare such a report as is published in a newspaper. Take care that the answer to this question will not be different in the way of expression from that of Report Writing. So see to it that personal thoughts, feelings or experiences don’t creep in.

Make a diary entry on each of the following topics :

Question 1.
Write diary-entry on the football. match you have recently witnessed.
Football Match
Bhavnagar, August 14
A football match was played between our school Janata High School and National High School on our school grounds. The students of both the schools were present in large numbers to cheer up the players. Some outsiders also witnessed the match. The P.T. teacher of our school was the referee.

Before the match began, the referee called upon the captains to toss. Our captain lost the toss and the opponents chose to defend the eastern goal. The referee then gave a short whistle at 4.30 p.m. and the match started. There were loud cheers from the supporters of the opponents, team.

There were many tense moments when it seemed that a goal was likely but no goal could be scored by either of the two teams in the first half. After an interval of ten minutes, the game started again. It was truly exciting from the start. This time our opponents pressed our team hard. For a time, it appeared that victory would be theirs. Our players were on the defensive now.

The defence did not, however, prove very effective. The captain of the opposing team got a chance and shot the ball through the goalposts. Only ten minutes before the end of match our team scored a goal. The score was equal now. The match ended in draw.

GSEB Class 10 English Diary Writing

Question 2.
Write a diary entry on the road accident you saw while going back home.
Car Rammed Claiming 3 Lives
Rajkot, October 13,
3 people were killed and 2 were injured when a Maruti car collided head-on with a truck on the .state highway near Chotila. The driver of the car was trying to overtake a tanker and obviously did not see the truck coming from the opposite direction. The car was travelling at great speed when it hit the truck. It burst into flames, and the three people who were in it were instantly charred to death.

The driver of the truck lost control over his vehicle, which overturned. Both the driver and cleaner were injured and immediately taken to the nearest hospital. Efforts are being made to find out the identity of the passengers of the ill-fated car.

Question 3.
Your school held a science exhibition. Prepare a diary entry on it.
Science Exhibition
Ahmedabad, February 10
The students of the IX and X classes had organised a Science Exhibition. It was informative. It lasted for three days. The efforts taken by the students were laudable. The Principal of Bhavan’s College inaugurated the Exhibition. He then visited each and every section of the exhibition. He praised the students and participants for the efforts taken by them in bringing out the facts of science to the common man.

The domestic, electronic, space, physics and computer sections were well organised and creative. The interesting sections were the “Solar System”, “A Picture of Modern India”, and “The Pollution Control Sections”. It was fascinating to see the young students explaining each point to visitors confidently and clearly, the star attraction was a toy robot that worked on battery cells which entertained the visitors.

The great popularity of the exhibition could be gauged from the fact that it was well attended by the public till the very last day. The visitors praised the young students for their sincere and constructive efforts. The inspiration and guidance provided by the teacher was also accounted for.

GSEB Class 10 English Diary Writing

Question 4.
You happened to visit a Home for the Aged. Prepare a diary entry based on it.
Visit to Home for the Aged
Dakox January 10
‘Aadhar’ is a home of comfort for the old and the aged. Our visit there was an unforgettable lesson. The twenty-nine old people of the Ashram were above the age of sixty-five. The social workers and nurses working in the Ashram were like angels of mercy to these old and destitute people.

We spoke to each and every person. We shared snacks and refreshments with them. We sang songs with them. Some of the stories they told us were so pathetic that many of us were on the verge of crying. Imagine being thrown out into the street by your own children! Yet this was the actual fate of some of the persons. The care shown to them by the nurses at the Ashram was indeed inspiring. It was very clear that our l visit made the persons very happy.

Question 5.
You have recently participated in an inter-school skating event in your school. : Write about your experience in your diary.
Inter-school Skating Event
Surat, January 17
I learnt skating when I was in Std. 2. Week-end evenings were exclusively spared for | my skating. My family members spared special 5 time for me to carry to the ring and back. My; craze increased with my growing up. Now I am in Std. 10 and am mad after skating] So far II, have bagged as many as six medals and not less than fifteen appreciation certificates for; this craze.

Last Sunday there was an inter-school; competition of skating at Karnavati Club! Gymkhana. Eighteen schools participated in it. Semi-finals and finals were to be played there. ! Each school had sent two students after screening them out. The Semi-final round started at sharp! 8 a.m. The ring was surrounded by students; supporters and parents. There were loud applause in support. There were cheers and claps in the air.

At last, there were three teams in the finals and ours was one of them. The coaches of all the three teams were on their toes. They kept on giving tips to their participants. Our coach, Mr Pritesh Patel was very tactful and cooperative. He kept on boosting our spirit by imparting some practical tips.

My partner and I were quite confident. In the first round, of course, the team of Sun Flower School went ahead with three points, but very soon, we bucked up and in the second and third round we could beat both the teams. Once more the first prize was in our bag and we felt the moment was ecstatic in our life.

GSEB Class 10 English Diary Writing

Question 6.
You were one of the volunteers in the Howdy Modi Campaign at USA. Prepare a Diary entry on the same.
Howdy Modi Campaign at USA
On September 21, Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced a 50,000 – strong crowd of Indian Americans in Houston, Texas, with US President Donald Trump by his side. This was the largest- ever gathering of the Indian-origin diaspora addressed by Modi and Trump.

Deafening drums marked the entrance of Donald Trump and Indian prime minister Narendra Modi as they clasped hands and walked across the stage in a packed Texas Stadium on Sunday, sending a message of unity between the world’s two largest democracies despite trade tensions.

It was a rousing endorsement of Modi from a US immigrant group. It was unprecedented. The huge crowds of supporters overseas help reaffirm Modi’s support at home and offer a jab at his detractors. Modi talked a lot about the achievements of his present government (BJP) and about his good governance.

Trump highlighted the growth of US exports to India, the billions of dollars spent by India on US-made defence equipment and joint military exercises with New Delhi. Both leaders spoke on counter-terrorism.

For President Trump, whose campaign for re-election in 2020 is already in full swing, Howdy |Modi was a golden opportunity to woo a vital segment of American voters, the vast majority of whom had voted his Democratic opponent the last time around. Trump had every reason to make good use of that opportunity and hope to convert Modi’s popularity among the Indian American community into support for himself, by paying handsome tribute to India and its leader.

Question 7.
You have witnessed the descent of Vikram lander of Mission Chandrayaan – 2 on 6-7 September 2019. Make diary entries based on it.
Mission Chandrayaan – 2
India’s space agency lost contact with the Vikram lander around 2.1 km over the lunar surface, in a setback to the country’s maiden attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon’s surface. As the lander began the 15-minute autonomous descent, it overcame a major hurdle of what is called as the rough breaking phase to go down from a height of 30 kms to around 2.1 kms. Soon after, the lander lost contact with the ground station.

However, the orbiter, which has several instruments onboard continues to hover around 100 kms over the moon. As the graphs deviated on the screens at the control centre in Bengaluru, Isro chairman K Sivan went into a huddle with other scientists including former chairman Kiran Kumar to understand what could have caused the blip. Sivan had called it “15 minutes of terror” due to the uncertainty and the inability of the ground station to take control of the spacecraft during the descent.

GSEB Class 10 English Diary Writing

Sivan soon went to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had arrived to witness the descent and rolling of the rover, to convey that the communication was lost with the spacecraft. Modi asked Sivan to be courageous, while Sivan’s former boss K Kasturirangan & K Vijayraghavan, Principal Scientific Adviser to the government consoled the Isro chairman.

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