GSEB Class 6 Social Science Notes Chapter 8 Unity in Diversity

This GSEB Class 6 Social Science Notes Chapter 8 Unity in Diversity covers all the important topics and concepts as mentioned in the chapter.

Unity in Diversity Class 6 GSEB Notes

→ There is a large diversity in religion, lifestyle, food habits, language, festivals, customs and traditions of the people of our country. This diversity makes our life interesting, joyful and prosperous.

→ Unity in diversity is the main characteristic of Indian civilization.

→ It is only because of the similarity (oneness) of Indian people that one Constitution and one currency have become possible for the smooth administration of the entire country. Every Indian citizen is proud to be an Indian and respects the Constitution. We give tremendous importance to national unity.

→ Tricolour (National Flag), Jana Gana Mana… (National Anthem), Vande Mataram (National Song), Ashok Stambh (pillars built by King Ashok) at Sarnath (National Epigraph), Lotus (National Flower), Peacock (National Bird), Tiger (National Animal) and Hockey (National Sport) are our National Symbols.

→ The diversity is an ultimate power of Indian people. Men and women of different religions, languages, dresses from different parts of the country unitedly opposed the British Government and brought independence to the country. People of the entire country showed National unity and immense love for the nation.

GSEB Class 6 Social Science Notes Chapter 8 Unity in Diversity

→ Our National Flag, National Anthem. National Song and National Symbols were decided during the freedom struggle. All these have contributed invaluably in maintaining unity and integrity in diversity. The people of entire Nation had used the flag Tiranga as a symbol of our unity against the British rule.

→ The feeling of nationalism and patriotism plays an important role in inspiring us to achieve pride, prosperity and glory of the past.

→ We can make India more prosperous if we work together for its progress and development.

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