GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing

Gujarat Board GSEB Class 12 English Textbook Solutions Writing Skills Report Writing Questions and Answers, Notes Pdf.

Report Writing GSEB Std 12 English Grammar

‘Report writing’ is one of the most important features of writing exercises. It involves research, endless juggling with words and facts presented from the information gathered in the most effective way.

Identifying key facts of a particular matter and presenting them in the right order as simply and as directly as possible is the most important factor of report writing. Collecting information, drawing conclusions and offering recommendations are its main features. Therefore a report should have
1. Statement,
2. Climax,
3. Cause,
4. Conclusion.

A report can be divided into various sections:
1. Title or Caption: The ‘Title’ or ‘Caption’ is the main clue of the news in few words. It should be brief and clear. It should be apt giving the reader brief idea of the content of report. It should be suggestive, summarized report.

2. Dateline: The title is followed by ‘Dateline’ i.e., name, place and date of the event should be mentioned.

3. Introduction: The introduction or the lead paragraph should explain the headline in detail i.e., the news story in brief. It should answer the queries such as What?, Who?, Where? When?.

4. Main body: In the main body of the report, news should be given in detail. It should answer the queries such as What?, Who?, Where?, When?, How? and Why?. The main body is the expansion of the lead paragraph.

5. Conclusion: The conclusion should leave no queries unanswered.

Essentials of a Good Report:

  • Arrange the ideas and facts in chronological order.
  • Make an outline of the report.
  • Maintain logical linkage of ideas and information.
  • Avoid stereotyped or hackneyed expressions and irrelevant information.
  • Frame simple and short sentences.
  • Ensure grammatical accuracy, correct spelling and appropriate punctuation.
  • Ensure that the report is appealing and impressive.

How to write a Good Report:
Writing a good report calls for an ability of a fairly high standard since it is a detailed and comprehensive account of an event or incident. The ideas must be original and factual, relevant and adequate. Do not include your own viewpoints, personal comments or opinions on the topic. A good report demands more than just correct English. It requires a good and effective presentation so as to capture and sustain the interest of the reader.

Pay attention to the range of vocabulary (words, phrases and idiomatic expressions) and the construction of sentences. The language must be clear and precise. Make sure that your report reads well as a composite whole. It shouldn’t be just a bundle of disjointed statements.

In short, a report should be clear and logical. It should be precise and strictly to the point. Language should be simple yet using the exact diction. It should be direct and pertaining to the topic given.
Some ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’:
1. A report should be given in the Past Tense.
2. If the doer is unknown or insignificant. Passive Voice should be used to make it effective.
3. Name of the guest. institution, event. Incident. project. the exhibition, competition should be mentioned clearly.
4. Post. position. office of guests should be made clear.
5. A report does not describe emotions.
personal opinions or impressions but only facts. Maintain brevity of thought. action and coherence.

GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing


Question 1.
You are a student of Jagruti Public School, Ajmer. Your school organised a Sports Day on December 20. Write a short report of the events of that day.
Sports Day Celebration
Ajmer, December 21
The annual sports day of the school was held yesterday on the school’s sports ground. The students of Std. VIII to XII participated in it. There were relay races, jumps (high jump, long jump) and javelina throws. The items like aerobics, umbrella drill and karate were the centres of attraction. Class XI and XII had their final volleyball match and class XI emerged as the winner.

Question 2.
You are a news reporter for The Times of India. You have attended the inauguration of Literacy Week by Minister of State for Education. Write a report for the newspaper.
Inauguration of Literacy Week
Ahmedabad, February 2
ABC Public School has taken up a project of creating awareness about literacy among the people in the neighbouring slums. Minister of State for Education Mr Abhishek Taneja inaugurated the literacy week yesterday evening at 5 p.m. in the school campus. The students from class IX of Report and XI have fixed up the target of educating at least 25 adult men and women from those slums.

Many of the slum-dwellers attended the function and registered their names for the programme. The initial number is 50. Their classes will start from tomorrow in the school premises between 8 p.m. to 10 p.m: under the able guidance and supervision of the school Principal Mr Ashok Chabra.

GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing

Question 3.
Your school has recently hosted an Interschool Quiz Competition. Prepare a report of about 20 lines for your school magazine describing the programme.
Interschool Quiz Competition at Little Star School
Vadodara, August 29
Teams from all the eight English medium schools, in our city, participated in the Interschool Quiz Competition organized by the Literary Club of our school last Saturday. The venue was the school hall, and the time, 3.30 p.m. Lots were drawn and the participating groups went into four different classrooms for the knockout round. The questions were prepared by a panel of members of the Literary Club.

They covered a vast range of topics from sports to current affairs. There were also audio and visual rounds. Forty minutes later, the four winning teams formed two groups and competed in the semifinal round. Bright School and Divine Buds School made it to the finals.

It was a tough contest and even included a rapid-fire round at which the contestants were expected to answer the maximum number of questions in just 60 seconds. Divine Buds School emerged winners with 57 points and Bright School came a close second with 52 points. The Principal gave away the prizes. This was followed by light refreshments for all the teams and the teachers and guests. A well-planned competition, indeed, and one that was full of excitement.

Question 4.
Write an account in about 20 lines of a cricket match held on your school ground.
J. L. High School Wins a Cricket Match
Ahmedabad, December 12
The cricket team of Swaminarayan School was pitted against that of J. L. High School, Maninagar in an inter-school cricket match series. Swaminarayan School won the toss and sent the J.L. High School team to field. Vyomesh Jain was the pace bowler of J. L. High School. His second ball of the first over was hit for a boundary by Ritesh Shah of the rival team.

Then the next over was bowled by Manthan Joshi. In the third ball of the over he claimed the wicket of the opening batsman. Then came in the captain to bat. Within half an hour, the captain notched up 28 runs. But then, the googly bowler of J. L. School did wonders. Not only did he get the captain out but dismissed three other batsmen as well. The final score the Swaminarayan School put up was 136.

J. L. High School opened their innings disastrously. They lost two wickets in the very first over. There was gloom in their camp. Their only hope was their captain, Rahul Pancholi. He rose to the occasion. In 29 overs, he scored 57 runs. This included four sixes and three boundaries. Then he was out lbw. Their tally was 87 in 30 overs. The remaining batsmen contributed several runs to the score and we edged up to 120 in 39 overs. Ten runs had to be scored in the last over.

Priyank Patel, who was batting, was in his s element and on the 2nd and 3rd ball of the over he hit a boundary and a six. J. L. High School\team won the match with three balls to spare. $ Everyone was delirious with joy. The Principal s handed over the trophy to the jubilant Rahul.

Question 5.
Local doctors conducted an eye-testing camp in your school one Sunday. Write a report? of about 20 lines on the camp to be put up on your school noticeboard.
Eye-Testing Camp at Guru Nanak School
Navsari, November 19
An Eye-Testing Camp was held on the school premises on November 17. It was conducted by? Dr M. Shahane and Dr V Parikh, both leading £ ophthalmologists of the city. TWo tents were erected on the school grounds. The people started coming } in from 8.00 a.m. onwards. By 10 a.m. there was S’ a large crowd. It was heartening to see the good response to our publicity campaign. Students of the? school, under the supervision of Mr R. Shrikant S the Sports Master, monitored the crowds.

The first to have his eyes tested was our Principal himself. The doctors checked the eyes for degree of vision S as well as for various other defects. The people s who came included children, middle-aged adults and even the very old senior citizens. At 3 p.m. the camp was closed and the students helped the s doctors and their assistants in preparing reports to be sent to the homes of the people tested.

In all 527 reports were prepared. Out of these 275 s had normal vision. Most of the others suffered ( from defects of vision such as long-sight or shorts’ sight. To us, who had volunteered to help, the experience was really very rewarding.

GSEB Class 12 English Report Writing

Question 6.
Write a report on the Republic Day l Celebrations held in your school.
Grand Celebration of Republic Day
Navsari, January 26
Republic Day was celebrated with great pomp and show in Saraswati High School. There was a huge gathering of staff, students and parents at the school ground. Students came wearing neat and tidy white uniforms pinned with national flag badges.

The programme started with flag hoisting. The National Flag was hoisted at 7 a.m. by the Municipal Commissioner T. Chandrashekhar who was the chief guest. It was followed by a march past of students groups: Red, Green, Blue and Yellow houses marching behind the school Band. The speech given by the District Education Officer about freedom fighters was an inspiring one.

Patriotic songs were sung by the students of Std. X. Students presented a cultural programme which consisted of various items. A ‘skit’ performed by the students of Std. IX about freedom movement was appreciated by one and all. Sports competitions were an attraction of this year’s celebrations. Winners were awarded certificates and prizes. Prizes were given away by the chief guest.

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