GSEB Class 10 Social Science Notes Chapter 19 Human Development

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Human Development Class 10 GSEB Notes Social Science Chapter 19

Human Development Class 10 GSEB Notes

→ This definition is given by UNDP Human development is a process of extending human aspirations and essential subsistence services.

→ Objective of Human development is to create same conditions for everybody’s life, so that people may lead significant and creative life according to their talent.

→ There are four important pillars of human development i.e. equality, stability, production and empowerment.

GSEB Class 10 Social Science Notes Chapter 19 Human Development

→ The concept of Human Development Index was propounded by Pakistani economist Mah bub- ul- Haq in 1990. Noble Prize winner, economist of Indian origin Amartya Sen utilised Haq’s work in his own work on human capabilities.

→ Since then, under United Nations Development Programme a report is published every year.

→ The idea of Human Development Index was presented in first report of Human Development published by United Nations Development Programme, in which three dimensions of Human Development Index were used collectively.

  • Average age
  • Knowledge
  • Living standard.

Till 2009, above mentioned three indicators were used to determine Human Development Index by UNDP to prepare a report. For this a new technique is being used since 2010. i.e.,

  • Life Expectancy Index (averge age)
  • Education Index
  • Income .Index (life style).

→ Human Development Index of 189 countries included in Human development report 2018, is divided into four sections i.e. Highest Human Development, High Human Development, Medium Human Development, and Low Human Development.

GSEB Class 10 Social Science Notes Chapter 19 Human Development

→  Human development Index of India in the year is 0.640 in the year 2017. Thus progressive improvement has been observed.

→  Among the neighbouring countries of India the condition of Sri Lanka, China, Maldives is much better and are ranked above India in Human Development Index.

→  Hence in India still a lot of work needs to be done in order to achieve all the parameters, health, education and income and National income.

→  Challenges which come in the way of progress of Human development focus on Health, Sex Ratio, and Women Empowerment.

→  India has made a lot of progress in the field of health.

→  We have been able to make a lot of improvement in the child health and child death rate by vaccination programme.

→  Decline in birth rate, mortality rate, child mortality rate has been recorded. Life expectancy rate has been increased.

GSEB Class 10 Social Science Notes Chapter 19 Human Development

→  The Indian Constitution guarantees equality and justice to all the citizens.

→ Female not only play a leading role, as a human resource in India but also in the world.

→ Women become victims of child marriage, parda system, dowry system and many other social evil due to low literacy rate among them.

→ Women are also victims of female infanticide, self-dignity, family’s desire for a baby boy and gender-based discrimination.

→ Women are the central point of whole development process. In any of the developing countries, economic empowerment is the main aspect of woman upliftment. When one woman becomes educated, the whole family becomes educated. Thereby the family, society and the nation are strengthened.

→ Since 1980, many plans and programmes related to women development in India have been implemented.

→ The National Commission for Women was set up in 1992.

→ The National Policy for empowerment of women, 2001 was set up by Department of women and child development.

GSEB Class 10 Social Science Notes Chapter 19 Human Development

→ The United Nations had declared the year 1975 as the “Women’s Year*. It also declared the 1975-1985 decade as “Women Decade”.

→ The year 2002 was celebrated as “Women Empowerment Year”.

→ An Act has been amended to give them equal right in family property.

→ For women security, Abhayam Women Helpline has been started in Gujarat for helping women suffering from various types of violence.

→ The Government of Gujarat has set women and child development in 2001 for social, economical and educational progress of women.

→ The Government of Gujarat has emphasized on women empowemment by stressing on three aspects i.e. education, health and safety.

GSEB Class 10 Social Science Notes Chapter 19 Human Development

→ For this purpose the government has implemented various schemes. These include ‘Vidyalaxmi
Bond’ ‘Saraswati Yojana’, ‘Sabla yojana’, ’Rashtriya Swavlamban Yojana,’ ‘Mission Mungalam’, ‘E-Mamta Programme’ and ‘Chiranjeevi Yojana’.

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